49 Words to use with controls

Practical birth-control methods.

They've already started to destroy the base!" 5: The Destruction of Z25 JOE dashed from the room and sped down the hallway to the control center of the mining base.

On the following day, as a measure of the extent to which the animal had learned to select the first door at the left no matter what its position or the number of doors in the group presented, a control series was given in which the settings differed from the regular series of settings.

His nostrils flared, the muscles around his lips were taut, he kept his fists clenched and pounded a persistent rhythm on his ship's control panel.

After he had proven his competence in the field, Troy Putnam had made him his chief control officer.

PICKELS, ELIZABETH ROBINSON Drainage and flood control engineering. R108084.

At Vilvorde, as a result of this aerial fire-control system, I saw the German artillery, posted out of sight behind a railway embankment, get the range of a retreating column of Belgian infantry and with a dozen well-placed shots practically wipe it out of existence.

A great shell had cut the minaret in half and had left exposed telephone wires leading direct to army headquarters and to the Turkish gunners' fire control station.

Immediately following the first perfect series, Sobke was given two series of control tests on April 28.

Fear unlike anything he had ever experienced or imagined filled his entire being. 19: Change of Guard GENE FLEW down the corridor with his arms outstretched, not knowing exactly where he was going and not caring, as long as it was away from the control deck.

Second from the Right End Following the series of control trials of problem 1 given to Skirrl on May 6, a period of four days was allowed during which the animal was merely fed in the boxes each day.

Book 3: alcoholic beverage control law.

HARRISON, LEONARD V. After repeal; a study of liquor control administration.

The great show control failure.

Control circumstances!

The extinction of our chestnut forests threatens as no effectual control measures for checking the chestnut blight disease over large areas has yet been discovered.

THOMPSON, L. I. Auditor's control review.

The purpose of all these experiments was to find out which types of spiders were useful for using as pest control agents to deal with cockroaches.

Auditor's verification and account control statement.

That is, they, as a complex internal messenger and director system, control organ and function, conduct and character.

When all were inside, Spelford tapped a number into the control pad and the elevator began to descend.

From the guns connections run to the switch room, the conning tower, the gunnery control platform aloft, and to the gunnery officer's bridge.

I paid him four-and-sixpence for them, the control price presumably, but he gave me no invitation to view the growing crops.

On this point, our language stands not alone; for the accent controls quantity in some others.

The thin, wiry man raced for the control room as fast as he could run, pushing men out of the way and heeding no one who called out to him.

49 Words to use with  controls