84 Words to use with cooking

The cook who has a rocking-chair, a cook-book, and a housekeeping magazine in her kitchen will do more work, and better work, other things being equal, than the cook who has none.

Their beauty is thrust upon them by exuberant Nature, apart from which they are only a few logs and boards rudely jointed and without either ceiling or floor, a rough fireplace with corresponding cooking utensils, a shelf-bed, and stool.

The houses were mostly mere board shanties, tightened by pasting newspapers over the cracks inside, where the women of the family had time for such work; and the heating apparatus was generally a wood-burning cook-stove, with possibly an additional coal heater in the front room which could be fired on Sundays, or when the family was at home to tend it.

To live imprisoned between long rows of brick walls, breathing an atmosphere charged with the exhalations of ten thousand cooking stoves, the dust of forges and the smoke of furnaces, machine shops, gas works, filthy streets, and the thousand other manufactories of villainous smells; where the summer air has no freshness, no forest odors, or sweetness gathered from fields of grain, the meadows, or the pastures.

this we mean salt used for cooking purposes, which is found in great abundance both on land and in the waters of the ocean.

Nevertheless, she bravely fought off the animal, using metal cooking pots and pans as weapons.

~Another Complaint Against Cupid.~ Wherever maidens may be found Dan Cupid's sure to wander round, I found him once, the little fool, Attending on a cooking-school.

If you want a meal you've got to call the cook-house 'The galley,' or starve.

About the cooking-fire, greatly improved with stones from the shore, we built a high stockade consisting of upright poles thickly twined with branches, the roof lined with moss and lichen and weighted with rocks, and round the interior we made low wooden seats so that we could lie round the fire even in rain and eat our meals in peace.

On the morning of the 20th, daylight had scarcely dawned when twenty thousand men, the greater part of whom were armed with some weapon or othermuskets, pikes, hatchets, crowbars, and even spits from the cook-shops forming part of their equipmentassembled on the place where the Bastile had stood.

He, therefore, not only procured a complete service of silver, for his own table, and furnished the cook-room with many vessels of the same metal, but engaged several musicians to accompany him; rightly judging, that nothing would more excite the admiration of any savage and uncivilized people.

The thermometer was up to twenty-six above zero in the house when Roswell turned out; and the cooking process, together with Stephen's fires and the shift of wind, soon brought the mercury up to forty.

And many a man is saying to himself: "If we build this addition to the schoolhouse, I shall have to give up the new overcoat I have counted upon, or Amanda won't be able to get the new cooking-range.

He must generally limit himself to a portable house, kitchen, cooking-apparatus, and wardrobe, and to an entire privation of furniture, and sometimes submit to a complete destitution of everything except the provision he may carry in his haversack and the blanket he can carry on his back.

" "The deuce, but you're interesting," laughed the young engineer, sniffing at the odors of cooking supper.

Consequently, they had purchased a complete little outfit of aluminum cooking vessels that nested within each other and weighed next to nothing, while offering all the advantages of ordinary granite ware.

Nedou's Hotel offered so few attractions and so many drawbacks that we were prepared to do anything rather than return to it, and, as a matter of economy, we scored heavily, as, on working it out, we found that the boat, including the cook-boat, would cost 60 rupees per month.

"What on earth have you been doing, child?" To which Moll replies with a curtsey: "I am learning to be a cook-wench, Señor, at my father's desire.

And the man hurried toward the dining tent, next to the cook wagons.

"Yeah," grinned Racey, "you hear a noise in the cook-shack, huh?

Some wagons carried the cooking camp outfit.

" King went for more water, this time filling his one cook-pot.

They had, in their religious zeal, torn down the pulpit and reading-desk, defaced emblems, broken up the pews and the benches, and shattered all the panes of glass, while here and there inside the building were remains of their cooking-places, with broken fragments of utensils.

His natural spirits gave him rapture with his cook-maid, and cheerfulness when he was fluxing in a garret.

There was also a cook tent near the house where three meals a day were prepared for everybody, including the carpenters, masons, concrete men and well diggers who were working on the new buildings.

84 Words to use with  cooking