84 Words to use with course

A course book in public speaking.

There were no compasses in those days, but the course-marker had an instrument which he would set in a proper direction by means of the stars, and then he could march by it all day.

Young Nimrod was kindly obliging his side of the table with extraordinary leaps of his hunter, the perfect working of his new double-barrelled Manton, &c., bringing of course number one in as the hero in each case.

no more the course pursue Of faithless love and vows untrue.

The abridged course manual.

NOYES, ARTHUR A. A course study in chemical principles.

Co. (PWH); 7Jul69; R464267. WALTER, ARTHUR M. The sharp sickle course questions.

# Exhibition £20 1-2 years Science Exhibition £15 1-2 years Science Exhibitions(2) £15 1-2 years Arts Newcastle-upon-Tyne Free admission to a Open to candidates Corporation degree course resident in Newcastle.

These seven years hast thou bid a martyr's pains, Resisting in thyself lust-growing fire, For, being mortal, sure thou hast desire; And five sad winters have their full course run, Since thou didst bury noble Huntington.

(Pre-induction training course outline, no. PIT-202)

At 6.15 a.m., we were again in our saddles, and continued journey up the riverthe general course north-north-east.

" The march begins in military state, And nations on his eye suspended wait; Stern famine guards the solitary coast, And winter barricades the realm of frost; He comes, nor want nor cold his course delay; Hide, blushing glory, hide Pultowa's day: The vanquish'd hero leaves his broken bands, And shows his miseries in distant lands; Condemn'd a needy supplicant to wait, While ladies interpose, and slaves debate.

Having taken bearings of the surrounding ranges, steered north 30 degrees east till 10.30, across a level grassy plain to the creek, which, though much larger than at the camp, was destitute of water; but following its course downwards, at 10.50 halted at a small pool.

(Natal astrology, serial no. 115, course X-N) © 1Dec34; AA192200.

As people get into more wholesome ways of living, the tendency is to have fewer courses and varieties at a meal, but just at first it may be as well to start on the basis of a three-course dinner.

Mr. Jonas cultivates his land on the "Four-course system."

As there was nothing worthy of notice in that part of the country, the admiral would not lose time in examining a large bay which is in that place, but held on his course eastwards, along that coast which reaches to Cape Garcias a Dios, which is all very low and open.

At Anet, a bronze stag, placed as a fountain in a large piece of water, was on the point of being demolished, because stags are beasts of chace, and hunting is a feodal privilege, and stags of course emblems of feodality.

Harvard University reading course test B for use with Selections for improving speed of comprehension.

Diagnostic tests and remedial drills in second course algebra or intermediate algebra, by Walter W. Hart & Maurice L. Hartung.

The scenery of the Glen is thus described: A rustic home in Lynden's pastoral dell With modest pride a verdant hillock crown'd: Where the bold stream, like dragon from the fell, Came glittering forth, and, gently gliding round The broom-clad skirts of that fair spot of ground, Danced down the vale, in wanton mazes bending; Till finding, where it reached the meadow's bound, Romantic Teviot on his bright course wending.

Trade unions employ as a matter of course devices which, in the case of trusts, we regard as the extremest weapons of monopoly.

The admiral still held on his course westwards among infinite numbers of islands, and came to one on the 22d of May somewhat larger than the rest, which he called St Mary.

A store of pickled eggs will be found very useful and ornamental in serving with many first and second course dishes.

The meal was more pretentious than edible,a strange commentary upon many delightful little four or at most five course affairs I had eaten in the same room.

84 Words to use with  course
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