9 Words to use with crashes

Confounding, as always, a wise and right concealment of truth with actual falsehood, Dr. Smyth says of the duty of a teacher in the matter of imparting truth to a pupil according to the measure of the pupil's ability to receive it: "An occasional friendly use of truth as a crash towel may be wholesome; but ordinarily there is a more excellent way."

Then he fell asleep again, until at about half-past seven in the morning a loud crash overhead awoke him with a start.

The eight-thirty-to-six business of muslin underwear, crash toweling, and skirt-binding.

The glacial wall is a rugged, uneven mass, with clefts and crevices, towering pinnacles and domes, higher than Bunker Hill monument, cutting the air at all angles, and with a stupendous crash sections break off from any portion without warning and sink far out of sight.

One artistic member of the group had stenciled a crash table runner for the porch table with a conventional apple design in yellow and orange and green, and another girl put the same design very decoratively on a round box of painted tin.

I rushed college-mate Leslie St. Anne thro' a crash course in typing to join me in Margao.

He was a head taller than either, coatless and hatless, a lean but brawny figure in white crash trousers.

It made me open my eyes, thinking that anything so pretty could be used for the same purposes for which I use my crash bath-gown, and while my eyes were open I saw the folly of thinking that a girl who wore such things would, or in fact could, ever get along on my salary.

On the ground by him was a second pack, something in a crash sack; Benny was struggling to lift it to his shoulders.

9 Words to use with  crashes