42 Nouns for  crowed

42 Nouns for crowed

It's like a crow-bar only different.

This transference of power was due to the fact that the crows on crow-ridge desired to change their manner of living.

Numerous names have been suggested by their fancied resemblance to the feet, hoofs, and tails of animals and birds; as, for instance, colt's-foot, crow-foot, bird's-foot trefoil, horse-shoe vetch, bull-foot, and the vervain, nicknamed frog's-foot.

I took out a parcel of my best crow quills, and down I sate in the greatest form imaginable.

We paid it in advance, in case anything should happen on the way, and he took us in a venerable open carriage behind two crow-bait skeletons that had once, in a happier day when hay was cheaper, been horses.

Previous studies by Professor Wolf and his collaborators have suggested that the dramatic differences in plumage color strongly limit hybridization between the two crow species.

Moreover, as every farmer knows, the crow family has a most uncanny way of sensing the intentions of the farmer who is trying to destroy them, and shows great sagacity in defeating those intentions.

The ridge on the heather-heath was really not as desolate as one might think, for it was inhabited by a large crow-folk.

At that, the crow-chief turned his head and said: "Be careful of your eyes, Thumbietot!"

I 'low'd the crows mout be afeard Of a man made outen straw.

Where do COUNTING CROWS fans live?

In his shabby hat fluttered a handful of rusty crow feathers, and the feature of the dance was for each boy to secure one of them in passing for his partner.

However, when the young and beautiful duchess later appealed to him in person, he relented, and presented Crabbe to the two livings of Muston in Leicestershire, and Allington in Lincolnshire, both, within sight of Belvoir Castle, and (as the crow flies) not much more than a mile apart.

They wore the usual shirt, trousers, and fringed leather apron, with jim-crow hats.

"Maggy did a crow-hop when she found she had to travel with the chink, but I told her it was O.K., so she got aboard an Injin pony and off they goes to Pete.

"Come back, I say, you loafing, miching, wrecking crow-keepers; there are no pickings for you here.

A partial solution of the mystery is to be found in the habit which the bird has in common with most of the crow kind, of depositing any surplus food in a place of safety for future use.

Laura Kennedy (BSc. 2011) - Relationship between grasshopper availability and crow movement patterns at the Prince George Airport.

Behold in me Thy Work, not mine: for mine if Thou seest, Thou condemnest; Thine, if Thou seest, Thou crow nest.

Is it, perhaps, some local attachment, so that a crow hatched in Brookline, for example, would be more loath than another to quit that neighborhood,a sort of crow patriotism, akin to that which keeps the Greenlanders slowly starving of cold and hunger on that awful coast of theirs.

There are few who have not observed a pigeon or a crow preserve, for some time, a horizontal flight without any apparent motion of the wings.

Another island, farther out than that of the rails (but the rails, like the long-billed marsh wrens, appeared to be present in force all up and down the river, in suitable places), was occupied nightly as a crow-roost.

The camaradas, on the other hand, had jim-crow saddles and bridles, and rusty little iron stirrups into which they thrust their naked toes.

She mocked, with a ludicrously feminine croak, the hoarse voice of a crow sailing over them.

"I might buy 'im foh 'is scalp," drawled a farmer, who had taken part in all kinds of scalp contests, and was now known to be busily engaged in collecting crow scalps for a match soon to come off between two rival counties.

"Old Euclio, seeing a crow-scrat upon the muck-hill, returned in all haste, taking it for an ill sign.

And as he went from home, seeing a crow scratch upon the muck-hill, returned in all haste, taking it for malum omen, an ill sign, his money was digged up; with many such.

There was a house with charming high brick gables at either end, with little battlemented crow-steps, and with graceful chimney-stacks at the top.

And every one felt very grateful to Dickie Dorn and thanked him for such a nice time, and Dickie brought Granny out of a corner where she was eating her eighth dish of ice cream and told everybody that it was Granny who had really given the party, and he told them how Granny had helped him to learn crow talk.

Though all of the crow tribe are notorious for their harsh voices, yet if the power of mimicry be considered as a mark of superiority, the crow has claims to high rank in this department also.

As pallid blue-bells, crow-tyes and marsh lilies,

When his father, Farley Hickory Smoke Williams was killed in a freak crow accident, the young Williams began telling jokes to overcome his grief.

"Yes, he's hidden in there," answered a crow-voice.

In the spring the flocks are more noticeable, hovering about some grove of pines, flying straight up in the air and swooping down again with an uninterrupted cawing,seemingly a sort of crow ball, with a view to match-making.

Deep in the dingle, dank and dark" "I thought I heard an old crow bark!"

Well, I talked along to him till I worked 'round to shamin' him a little for havin' to be christened settin' up on top a bean-arbor, same ez a crow-bird, which I told him the parson he wouldn't 'a' done ef he 'd 'a' felt free to 've left it undone.

And you hear the rain-crow calling, and the whistle of the quail; And the catbird, and the blue jay, scold with vigor most intense, As they build among the branches by the stake-and-rider fence.

If any reader should be tempted to imagine that the author has been drawing on a fertile imagination, let him turn to the adventures of one Morrowbie Jukes, as related by Mr. Rudyard Kipling, for a description of this identical method of crow-catching as practised on the banks of an Indian stream.

The one who had poked the rag from the window was a crow-cock named Garm Whitefeather; but he was never called anything but Fumle or Drumle, or out and out Fumle-Drumle, because he always acted awkwardly and stupidly, and wasn't good for anything except to make fun of.

[Footnote 6: Here his crow cracks.]

Very likely if he knew how hawk and crow dog him for dinners, he would resent it.

* * * * * What wonderful names: the little tears of Our Lady, warbler, crows-eyes.