84 Words to use with crowning

I remember one charming party at the Elysee for the Austrian crown prince, the unfortunate Archduke Rudolph.

Often have we heard the crown officers aspersing and vilifying them; and some so late as 1775 visited and treated the graves with marks of indignity too indecent to be detailed.

The crown jewels have been .

The oysters as seen, he says, by the Dominican Du Tertre, at Guadaloupe, grew on the branches of trees, and, "are not larger than the little English oysters, that is to say, about the size of a crown-piece.

The boiler is tapped in from two to four places for the try-cocks, the location of the cocks ranging from a line on a level with the crown sheet, or top of fire box, to eight inches above, depending somewhat on the amount of water space above the crown sheet, as this space differs very materially in different makes of the same sized boiler.

To counteract the power of the great nobles, he made a lavish distribution of crown lands to a large number of tenants-in-chief.

"The Cape of Good Hope is a crown colony.

It paused in adoration while He ushered forth its crowning work.

Enter a Signet, first two Heralds, after them LEICESTER, with a sceptre, LANCASTER, with a crown imperial on a cushion: after them HENRY THE ELDER, bare-headed, bearing a sword and a globe: after him YOUNG HENRY, crowned: ELINOR, the Mother-Queen, crowned: YOUNG QUEEN crowned: HENRY THE ELDER places his son, the two Queens on either hand, himself at his feet, LEICESTER and LANCASTER below him.

The floor and stand, the frame and joints must be strong and compact, and the walls of plate or thick crown glass.

Last came Joy's ecstatic trial: He, with viny crown advancing, First to the lively pipe his hand addressed; But soon he saw the brisk awakening viol, Whose sweet entrancing voice he loved the best.

Said the butcher, with a side glance at the clock, "A crown roast takes quite a while, lady.

The great Kohinoor diamond in England's crown jewels and the largest crown diamond on earth in Russia's crown jewels, which I had often hoped she would have to sell before they had peace with Japan, came from that mine, and when the old guide had called my attention to that wonderful discovery he took his Turkish cap off his head again and swung it around in the air to call my attention to the moral.

EMERSON, ALICE B. Ruth Fielding and her crowning victory; or, Winning honors abroad.

Keep, ghost-of-the-night, your crown gold-wrought Of sleep and peace I am full fain!"

This reminds one of criminal indictments on the old model in English courts, where (for fear the prisoner should escape) the crown lawyer varied the charge perhaps through forty counts.

Over these, but under the crown-work, was spread out a golden vine, with its branches hanging far down, the great size and fine workmanship of which was a marvel to those who saw it.

To bring Vashti the queen before the king with the crown royal, to shew the people and the princes her beauty: for she was fair to look on.

No; let man enjoy himself when he can, and take his fill of those flaming red geraniums, and glossy rhododendrons, and feathered crown-ferns, and the gold green lace of those acacias tossing and whispering overhead, and the purple mountains sleeping there aloft, and the murmur of the brook over the stones; and drink in scents with every breath,what was his nose made for, save to smell?

These are called "crown-fires" and are very difficult to control.

In the interior of the town lies the so-called "crown garden," which is not, indeed, very large or handsome, but still affords some amusement, as great numbers of people assemble here on Sundays, and festivals, and a very good band of music plays here in summer under a tent; in winter the performances take place in a plain room.

Henderson, on behalf of the proprietors of Transylvania, addressed them, much as a crown governor would have done.

The offices conveyed to Sir R. Harley by James I. had been, before his reign, the subject of crown grants, after the honor of Wigmore had become vested in the crown by the merger of the earldom of March in the crown.

So all is well A crown hath fail'd to tempt himas I see In yonder lady's eyes.

He placed on the head of each a crown interwoven with green foliage, and gave each a superbly-ornamented and well-yoked car to return home in.

84 Words to use with  crowning