5 Words to use with crutches

Saying which, pretty, bright-eyed Miss Priscilla, laughed again, folded up her work, settled it in the basket with a deft little pat, and, rising, took a small, crutch stick from where it had lain concealed, and then, Bellew saw that she was lame.

"The dumb shall sing the lame his crutch forego, And leap exulting like the bounding roe."Hiley's Gram., p. 123.

Now with his crutch hath spiteful age Dealt me a blow full sore: I stumbled o'er a yawning grave, Why open stood the door!

As he stood leaning on a staff half bent, his long, yellow bony fingers clasped over the crutch-head of his stick, he was indeed a picture of misery, famine, squalor, and premature age, too horrible to dwell upon.

The spicules are some crutch-like, others spined or echinated, while the deep-sea sponges appear to grow long thick spicules, which attach the sponge to the ground by means of grapnel-like ends.

5 Words to use with  crutches