76 Words to use with curt

"I'll stay here," was the curt reply.

Lanyard replied with the curt nod of a disgruntled motorist.

It's the place where we oppose the foolish and suicidal policy of President Madison," was the curt answer.

Five days later there came a curt order from the chief that he should report himself there.

Nevertheless, when she at length found courage to swing and dart away through the door, Victor flung three curt words to the fellow at his feet, who grunted, rose, and glided from the room in close chase.

"I have told my story badly," he said, with a curt laugh, "and spoilt it.

A curt voice behind said: "Looks like you've got a deal to attend to to-day, beside your work.

He had evidently left the Colonel very much enraged at some curt comment.

" It was a curt dismissal, coupled with a plain threat, easy to understand.

" The governor planned it in a few curt sentences.

" Mills nodded a curt gesture of farewell, and left the room, and when he had gone Mr. Taynton sat down again in the chair by the table, and remained there some half hour.

" He went to work at once, giving occasional curt directions to Avery, while Jeanie clung convulsively to Piers, her face buried in his coat, and fought for self-control.

She met with many curt refusals and received many fallacious promises; but when at last, in February 1861, a start was made, nine little girls were present the first morning "No recruiting sergeant," she says, "was ever so pleased with a handful of future soldiers, for it was beating up for recruits for the Lord."

" "I only hope he'll make out to come," was Mrs. Popham's curt response.

" The old gentleman mumbled these curt phrases in a series of inarticulate jerks, as if his vocal apparatus were wound up and worked with a crank, but had grown so rusty that every now and then a wheel would catch on a cog.

Through the unlatched door she heard a tramping of unshod masculine feet in the passage, and the delightful curt greeting of Osmond Orgreave and his sleepy son Jimmiesplendid powerful males.

The question was answered of a sudden a week later, when there came from my grandfather a curt note bidding me be sent to Riverview.

The Chief picked it up and read the curt lines in which Dawson delivered his last word.

He knitted his brows as he indicated the house-master's curt letter.

"I am going on," was his curt rejoinder.

But in Miss Whalley's eyes Piers had from that moment ceased to be regarded as one of the elect, and his curt reception of the good Vicar's patronage did not further elevate him in her esteem.

" It was impossible for Miss Porter to misunderstand his curt speech and unsocial manner.

A curt statement is made short; its abruptness is oftentimes more or less rude.

The other sort (and he hopes many of them will purchase his book too) he greets with the curt invitation of Timon, 'Uncover, dogs, and lap:' or he dismisses them with the confident security of the philosopher,'you beat but on the case of Elia.'

She swept past Miss Sniffen with a curt bow.

76 Words to use with  curt