42 Words to use with curtaining

Then, as her daughters became wiser, they invented the weeping business, the swooning business, and the curtain lecture business; they went for our pocket-books and they got them, and petticoat government became a probability.

He looked up and saw that one of the curtains supported by the arm hung loosely from one of the curtain rings.

When the company, with the king at one end and the first and smallest wave at the other, stood up to take their applause, and respond to curtain calls, next to Pearl stood the seventh wavecrested with foam, dishevelled of haira four days' growth of whiskers on his facebut a happy-looking wavenevertheless.

In Belsaye nothing stirred and none waked at this dead hour save where, high on the bartizan above the square and mighty keep, the watchman paced to and fro, while here and there from curtain wall and massy tower, spear-head and bascinet gleamed.

Is there a rope of any kind to be had?" "Only this curtain cord; it is not large, but strong."

'We dined early to go to the play,' she said, 'and as there's a curtain-raiser, I thought I might as well take a hansom and join them later.

Let the thick curtain fall; I better know than all How little I have gained, How vast the unattained.

Within the twilight chamber spreads apace The shadow of white Death, and at the door Invisible Corruption waits to trace His extreme way to her dim dwelling-place; 5 The eternal Hunger sits, but pity and awe Soothe her pale rage, nor dares she to deface So fair a prey, till darkness and the law Of change shall o'er his sleep the mortal curtain draw.

The meaning of the English verb to hire, is, as every one knows, to procure for a temporary use at a curtain priceto engage a person to temporary service for wages.

They advertise a new kind of extension curtain rod.

Dakie Thayne was stage-manager and curtain-puller; Sin Saxon and Frank Scherman represented the audience, with clapping and stamping, and laughter that suspended both; making as nearly the noise of two hundred as two could: this being an essential part of the rehearsal in respect to the untried nerves of the débutant, which might easily be a little uncertain.

And he put them behind the curtain hangings so that your waiter wouldn't see them?"

No more for thee the music and the lights, Thy magic may no more win smile nor frown; For thee, 0 dear interpreter of dreams, The curtain hath rung down.

But his eye suddenly falls on a curtain, in the recess farthest from the doorthe edge of a curtain; for the object which this curtain conceals, is not visible from the chair in which he sits.

Dr. RAPKY, of St. George'sIf your Excellency will only do away with a curtain magistrate, things will go on smoothly in the parish of St. George.

"The first act is laid in a quince plantation, and the quinces of the chorus are discovered at curtain rise picking the luscious fruit.

Suddenly the space is filled with smoke, the tent-curtains shrivel up in flames, and the Pasha and his comrades find themselves encircled in what they well know is their funeral pyre.

Come, hear the accents of his flying lips, "My pleasures are to come;"the curtain slips, And hides what follows from our curious eyes: Enough!

I must go now and make the curtain speech.

The night is coming quickly down: it will be quite dark an hour sooner than usual to-night, so low does the great black cloud-curtain stoop to the earth's wet face.

After four weeks of social enjoyment and Christian teaching they returned again to their scattered branches with the curtain total of their results from 88 in Newark to 355 in Madras.

Then into the room shuffled old Cato, and began to extinguish the candles; and I saw the green curtain twitch, and everybody whispered "Ah-h!" General Schuyler arose in the dim light when the last candle was blown out.

Toward the sun I'll fly, The very tune shall upbear me To her window small with a bolt in the wall, Where I'll beat till she shall hear me. Where the rose is brave, and curtains wave, And ships by the bank are lying, Two brown eyes dream o'er the lazy stream

The drop-curtain wavers and is rising, when a voice rings out, "Not yet!"

He liked to watch them coquetting with the big fireman detailed from the precinct engine-house, and clinging desperately to the curtain wire, or with one of the chorus men on the stairs, or teasing the phlegmatic scene-shifters as they tried to catch a minute's sleep on a pile of canvas.

42 Words to use with  curtaining