8 Words to use with curving

A brief course in analytic geometry and the element of curve-fitting.

The topgallant sails were clewed up to reduce the vessel's speed, and her course was changed so that we swept round in a curve broadside to the coast, about three miles distant.

The railway southwards takes a curve inland, and, after winding in and out to make the best of the contour of the hills, the train finally steams very heavily and slowly into Ravenscar Station, right over the Peak and 630 feet above the sea.

The load and deflection at first failure, maximum load and points of sudden change, will be shown on the curve sheet even if they do not occur at one of the regular load or deflection increments.

For if we suppose the amount of the tax per unit of the commodity to be represented by Ss, the curve ss' (drawn, as it is, roughly parallel to SS') will represent the new conditions of supply after the tax has been imposed.

Nothing can be more suitable for its purpose then the "Workman's Stool:" the seat is precisely like that of a modern kitchen chair (all wood), slightly concaved to promote the sitter's comfort, and supported by three legs curving outwards.

What had happened was this: Every shell describes in its course a parabolic line, with the first half of the curve ascending and the second one descending.

Height, 2 ft. to 6 ft. Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum Multiflorum).A graceful hardy plant bearing white pendulent flowers on long curving stems.

8 Words to use with  curving
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