10 Words to use with daffodil

There was an odor of brier roses in the air and the sun was setting in a "bed of daffodil sky."

Dauber, The daffodil fields.

In his garden of poetry, the daffodil blossoms all the year for the "inward eye," and the "wandering voice of the cuckoo" never ceases to awaken springtime in the heart.

With regard to the inevitable gaps in the children's minds in connection with the world of living things, such pictures as the following should be in every town school: a pine wood, a rabbit warren, a natural pond, a ditch and hedge, a hayfield in June, a wild daffodil patch, a sheet of bluebells, a cornfield at different stages, an orchard in spring and in autumn, and many others.

Every one who stays at home has a brother or a son or a lover quartered in one of the myriad tents that have blossomed with the daffodil-season all over our green fields of the North.

From 'Day and Night Songs.' DAFFODIL Gold tassel upon March's bugle-horn, Whose blithe reveille blows from hill to hill And every valley ringsO Daffodil!

" A pale light now overspread the eastern sky, which increased, as we ascended, to a daffodil tinge; this afterward heightened to orange, deepening at one extremity into red, and fading at the other into a pure, ethereal hue to which it would be difficult to assign a special name.

" Presently he stopped, and looked long at some daffodil blades which were thrusting up in a sheltered place.

If you would like to borrow Until the daffodil Unties her yellow bonnet Beneath the village door, Until the bees, from clover rows Their hock and sherry draw, Why, I will lend until just then, But not an hour more!

As when, in the early spring, 5 A daffodil blooms in the grass, Golden and gracious and glad, The solitude smiled.

10 Words to use with  daffodil