7 Words to use with dales

" Railton tried to thank them, while Mrs. Railton smiled with tears in her eyes, but the dales folk dislike emotion and as soon as it was possible the visitors went away.

There are not many good meadows at the dale-head, and grass land is too valuable to be destroyed.

Yet the north is not always stern, for now and then the gray sky breaks, and fell and dale shine in dazzling light and melt with mystic beauty into passing shade.

" "Divil a doubt Kaviak'll take it kindly, but furr mesilf I'm thinkin' a pitaty's a dale tastier.

"An' a gude dale thinner," he repeated.

"Woods and groves are of thy dressing, Hill and dale proclaim thy blessing."

"I h'ard him tellin' a young gentleman wha cam' doon last shootin' season a guid dale aboot it.

7 Words to use with  dales