13 Words to use with dear


He began to read it aloud: "My DEAR WIFE,I desire to supplement the letter sent to you from the office with this note written in the mine during a minute of waiting.

"MY DEAR SIRSIn compliance with your request, I have not any hesitation in affording you any information on the subject of the free system adopted in this island, which my public situation has naturally provided me with.

MY DEAR CHARLES,Here is a war, producing great men, and here am I writing to you from time to time about it and never mentioning one of them.

"MY DEAR MASTER ROY: "I write to tell you we are safely here and I am quite well as I hope you are.


MY DEAR NINA,As you have been so much bothered with the compound householder, you will be glad to learn that he is dead and is to be buried on Thursday.

My dear-dear husband, in exchange of hate, My love and heart shall on your service wait.

My DEAR BLACKWOOD, I really can recollect no parallel to the palpable absurdity of your two friends.

MY DEAR CARL: I am charmed with my little bird, and he has whispered to me one of the secrets of your room.

MY DEAR ARCHIE,Thanks for your good wishes.


MY DEAR MISS : I reply to your questions concerning the observatory which you propose to establish.

13 Words to use with  dear