113 Nouns for  demon

113 Nouns for demon

The lion is then killed by a bear who centuries earlier had served with Vishnu's earlier incarnation, Rama, during his campaign against the demon king of Lanka.

The prince then ordered a sumptuous banquet to be served, at which he gave Kurugsar abundant draughts of wine, and even in a state of intoxication the demon-guide still warned him against his proposed journey.

The demon caravan.

Idolatry N. idolatry, idolism^; demonism^, demonolatry^; idol- worship, demon-worship, devil-worship, fire-worship; zoolatry, fetishism, fetichism; ecclesiolatry^, heliolatry, Mariolatry, Bibliolatry^. deification, apotheosis, canonization; hero worship.

This was the work of sorcery, the spell Of demon-spirits.

In bitterness of grief, and lone, Beside that dreadful demon-stone.

Away they flew, the roadside poplars dancing past at either window, the horses thundering along with their stomachs to the earth, and that demon driver still waving those horrible red hands in the moonlight and screaming out to the maddened steeds.

There were selected from the army twelve thousand of the demon-warriors, to take charge of and hold in custody the Iránian captives, all the chiefs, as well as the soldiers, being secured with bonds, and only allowed food enough to keep them alive.

A demon slayer and Kohaku's older sister.

Glenister starred as demon hunter Rupert Galvin in the 2009 ITV drama Demons.

He felt that he was hovering on the confines of a phantom or demon-world,a world in which the name they had spoken constituted the Master-name, the word of ultimate power.

He is not formed of iron, nor of brass, But flesh and blood, with human nerves and hair, He does not in the battle tread the clouds, Nor can he vanish, like the demon race

Le demon de la connaissance.

Even the cup of the burthened slave, writhing in his chains and toiling under the lash, is not full of bitterness until the demon rum throws in its dregs and fills it to overflowing.

The tyrant Kansa was only the worst and most powerful member of the demon hosts.

Finally although Kansa himself has been killed, his demon allies are still at large.

Mr. Tylor observes that the examples 'prove a little too much; they vouch not only for human apparitions, but for such phantoms as demon dogs, and for still more fanciful symbolic omens.'

But for this, it would never have clutched at the Gibeonites, for even the incantations of the demon cauldron could not extract from their case enough to tantalize starvation's self.

A cholera epidemic breaks out, and, instead of blind fear of a demon-goddess to be placated, there is practical knowledge as to methods of guarding food and drinking water.

As soon as this was done, a thick dark cloud of dust and vapor arose, and when it subsided, a black apparition of a demon burst upon his sight, with flames issuing from its mouth.

Here Pralamba has regained his demon form and is hurrying off with Balarama.

Grotesque masks, suddenly revealed by the shimmering light, took on the semblance of demon faces that seemed to mow and gibber at us as we passed.

The demon armies surround them and there appears to be no possible way of escape.

The Bible does teach demon possession is the cause of insanity.

From the arc where Raven fights against her demon father, Terra’s rise and fall, and the standalone episode where Starfire gets a glimpse of a future without the Titans there’s plenty of stories that will tug on your heartstrings.

A few more hours passed and I was fully in. I was building, I was farming, I was flying, I was emotionally invested in an evil demon priest and his story.

quoth he, "I am in sooth so changed, meseemeth some vile demon doth possess me betimes!"

I do, however, foresee that this is gonna end badly, given our nation’s love for the demon drink and general unwillingness to do what we are told, especially after a couple.

Chain'd at his root two scion-demons dwell, Breathe the faint hiss, or try the shriller yell; Rise, fluttering in the air on callow wings, And aim at insect-prey their little stings.

The demon dyspepsia had not waved its fell wings over the eighteenth century, and wonderful were the feats then achieved by a country gentleman with the united aid of a good digestion and a good conscience.

He is still unaware that Krishna is destined to be his foe and he therefore continues the hunt, his demon emissaries pouncing like commandos on youthful stragglers and hounding them to their deaths.

The game is designed where certain body parts of the demon enemies can be damaged, so attacking and destroying those body parts can disable certain attacks and make them easier to kill.

At this moment Isfendiyár gallantly offered to lead the army, but Zarír, his uncle, objected to him on account of his extreme youth, and proposed to take the command himself, which Gushtásp agreed to, and the two demon-envoys were dismissed.

I have heard that Zál, thy father, was of demon extraction, and that Sám cast him into the desert because of his disgusting and abominable appearance; that even the hungry Símúrgh, on the same account, forebore to feed upon him, but conveyed him to her nest among her own young ones, who, pitying his wretched condition, supplied him with part of the carrion they were accustomed to devour.

To rightto left,he faltered; then swift across the sward, (Like dusky demon fleeing), he bore the Hidden Lord; By mere and moonlit meadow his rapid passage sped, Till, at an open wicket, he paused with bended head.

Upon her decks were guns and at her side were other junks, low, menacing, with a demon flurry of vicious speed, and short, squat funnels that belched dense smoke clouds.

No need to fix the arrow to the bow; The mighty monarch sounds the quivering string, And, by the thunder of his arms dismayed, Our demon foes are scattered to the wind.

After a pause, he requested the attendance of Fríburz and Khosráu, and told them that there was a demon-fortress in the vicinity of his dominions called Bahmen, from which fire was continually issuing.

She can either appear as an insect, or a demon girl with fly-like features and tendencies, such as wearing fly-themed trinkets, bracelets and jewelry, and using a handkerchief similarly to how a fly cleans itself.

And the demon gods of the wilderness rejoiced.

Man and beast are in their lair, and unearthly things alone seem stirring;the good genius glides with a holy and hallowing influence through the tranquil dwelling of virtue; the demon grins and gibbers in the deserted but reeking chambers of the vicious.

In a little time the giant captain of the demon guards rode up carrying in his arms the body of a little boy of six.

The demon guardian is locked up in the door that's in the Vault of Secrets.

The men were insane with rage and demon-hate.

The demon hies to the forest, arriving while Krishna and the children are still at blind man's buff.

As o'er the steeps with pausing foot she moves, The pitying Dryads shriek amid their groves; 445 She flies,she stops,she pantsshe looks behind, And hears a demon howl in every wind.

He came from a family that served three different demon idols.

Dante enters the tower so he could stop Vergil and Arkham and end the demon invasion.

For a few games, he seemed to at least do some investigative work to help people, but recently it's just all about demon killing.

Arzang, one of the demon-leaders, having got possession of the wealth, the crown and jewels, belonging to Kai-káús, was appointed to escort the captive king and his troops, all of whom were deprived of sight, to the city of Mázinderán, where they were delivered into the hands of the monarch of that country.