4 Words to use with dewdrops

" That night, when the boys came down to dinner, no little white flower with its diamond dewdrop centre shone on the lapel of either coat.

CRADLE SONG OF A COSSACK MOTHER Slumber sweet, my fairest baby, Slumber calmly, sleep Peaceful moonbeams light thy chamber, In thy cradle creep; I will tell to thee a story, Pure as dewdrop glow, Close those two beloved eyelids Lullaby, By-low! List!

"All twinkling with the dewdrop sheen, The brier-rose fell in streamers green."Sir

Couldn't we take him out of that cabin, and make all the servants promise that they would never breathe a word about his being colored, and let me bring him up as a white child?" "Well," said Mr. Le Croix, bursting into a hearty laugh, "that is a capital joke; my little dewdrop talk of bringing up a child!

4 Words to use with  dewdrops