20 Words to use with diest

Gioia di raccontare.

Glorianny's been an' biled ebery one on 'em, an' dey're all nice an' cold by dis time.

Un po' di vino.

Festa di canzoni.

It seems to be the result of a conscious endeavour on the part of the Ferrarese to write pure Tuscan, and the reader is constantly reminded of the memorable words in the preface to the Cortegiano, in which Castiglione announces his intention 'di farmi più tosto conoscere per Lombardo, parlando Lombardo, che per non Toscano, parlando troppo Toscano.'

"Or would you prefer that I whistle into the opening of this door-key, to the effect that we must gather our rose-buds while we may, for Time is still a-flying, fa-la, and that a drear old age, not to mention our spouses, will soon descend upon us, fa-la-di-leero?

Jo-ey had to pass di-rect-ly by the gar-den wall, and it so hap-pened that his bas-ket was heav-y

When Hea did Heabani bring, Who now to Erech comes afar, He taught him then all hidden things Of Ki or bright Samu above, That to the Mu-di mystery brings.

'W'at th'ell you doin' on bo'd dis ship,' he ahsk me.

'Lezione di Benedetto Varchi sopra il sottoscritto Sonetto di Michelagnolo Buonarroti, fatta da lui pubblicamente nella Accademia Fiorentina la

Quel segue la vittoria, e la trafitta Vergine minacciando incalza e preme: Ella, mentre cadea, la voce afitta Movendo, disse le parole estreme: Parole ch'a lei novo on spirto ditta, Spirto di , di carità, di speme: Virtù ch'or Dio le infonde; e se rubella In vita fu, la vuole in morte ancella: Amico, hai vinto; io ti perdon: perdona Tu ancora, al corpo

"Mars John," he asked dreamily, "you don' b'lieve dat I done dis thing?" "Certainly not, Sandy, else why should I be here?" "An' nothin' wouldn' make you b'lieve it, suh?" "No, Sandy,I could not believe it of you.

He a-rose, and pro-ceed-ed to-wards the di-rec-tion of the sounds, which grew loud-er and loud-er as he ad-van-ced; when, com-ing to the edge of a pre-ci-pice, he be-held a grand and aw-ful rush of foam-ing wa-ters, which threw them-selves head-long down the riv-en rocks with a deaf-en-ing roar and tu-mult.

2. Correct the division of the following words, so as to give no wrong notion of their derivation and meaning: "barb-er, burn-ish, brisk-et, cank-er, chart-er, cuck-oo, furn-ish, garn-ish, guil-ty, hank-er, lust-y, port-al, tarn-ish, test-ate, test-y, trait-or, treat-y, varn-ish, vest-al, di-urn-al, e-tern-al, in-fern-al, in-tern-al, ma-tern-al, noc-turn-al, pa-tern-al."Webster's Elementary Spelling-Book.

DIS, or DI, means Away, or Apart: as, dis-pel, to drive away; dis-sect, to cut apart; di-vert, to turn away.

Another piece mentioned by Stiefel as likely to throw light on the development of the dramatic pastoral is the 'Ecloga di amicizia' of Bastiano di Francesco, or Bastiano 'the flax-dresser'(linaiuolo), also of Siena, which was first printed in 1523.

You see, Mr. Davenpo't owned him an' when he heard 'bout da Yankees comin' dis way, he sont his white driver an' Howard in de carri'ge wid all his valuables to de swamp to hide, an' while dey was thar de white driver, he went off to sleep an' Howard was prowlin' 'roun' an' we all jes reckin he went on off

Thus Murray, in his Spelling-Book, has "gra-vel, fi-nish, me-lon, bro-ther, bo-dy, wi-dow, pri-son, a-va-rice, e-ve-ry, o-ran-ges, e-ne-my, me-di-cine, re-pre-sent, re-so-lu-tion," and a multitude of other words, divided upon a principle by which the young learner can scarcely fail to be led into error respecting their sounds.

Tu ti fai ben grosso; Di questo fatto stu ti vuoi chiarire, La soppravvesta ti cava di dosso: Vedrai che Gan, come tu te la cavi, Ci ha venduti a Marsilio per ischiavi.

Hi-dum-di-dum did-dy-i-o!

20 Words to use with  diest