25 Words to use with differences

To see so much difference betwixt words and deeds, so many parasangs betwixt tongue and heart, men like stage-players act variety of parts, give good precepts to others, soar aloft, whilst they themselves grovel on the ground.

For it is most certaine that there is as much difference betweene their daunses, and those which holy men haue used, as there is betwene mariage and fornication.

")This class also, was composed both of Israelites and Strangers, the same general difference obtaining in their kinds of employment as was noticed before.

In approaching Barbadoes, it presented an entirely difference appearance from that of the islands we had passed on the way.

En effet, les terres en etoient plus hautes, les formes plus prononcees: a mesure qu'on put s'en rapprocher, la difference devint plus sensible encore.

There was a difference nowa difference which their discovery by an outsider had made unpleasantly manifest.

Dissent N. dissent; discordance &c (disagreement) 24; difference diversity of opinion.

[Instruments] abacus, logometer^, slide rule, slipstick [Coll.], tallies, Napier's bones, calculating machine, difference engine, suan- pan^; adding machine; cash register; electronic calculator, calculator, computer;

How far are those differences exhibitions of inferiority or of superiority?

" "What a difference fire does make!" said Miss Amesbury.

Kate, who knew well what a difference happiness could make in a woman's health and looks, guessed that the loss of her mistress's colour and spirits was connected with the disappearance of Hilliard.

In 1740 17,000 59 1788 68,000 85 1796 125,000 121 1806 250,000 1820 400,000 1827 690,000 284 The difference iron districts in which it is made are as under, in 1827: Tons.

On it more than on any other difference party divisions were based.

A difference reading is observable here.

Then learn, O man, to deem All difference idle save of heart or mind Thy duty, loveeach cause of strife, a dream Thy home, the worldthy family, mankind.

Now, I know when you deal with this sort of a man there's always a good deal of difference splittin'; and so, says I, 'No, it won't.

Gentlemen of the Senate You will perceive from the papers herewith delivered, and which are enumerated in the annexed list, that a difference subsists between Great Britain and the United States relative to the boundary line between our eastern and their territories.

But did it mak' a wee bit of difference tae those laddies that I had nought to say to them?

"What a difference things make in one's outlook!"

What a difference time makes!

It is remarkable with what difference actors were treated among the ancients.

In fact, the difference vanishes with the sunshine, even in the case of the green plant; which, in the dark, absorbs oxygen and gives out carbonic acid like any animal.

We inherit our language from barbarous ancestors, and it shows traces of its origin in the imperfect ways by which grades of difference admit of being expressed.

Now, like two clouds dissolving, drop, And at each tear in distance stop: Now, like two fountains, trickle down: Now like two floods o'er-run and drown: Thus lot your streams o'erflow your springs, Till eyes and tears be the same things; And each the other's difference bears; These weeping eyes, those seeing tears.

Isn't it funny what a difference companionship makes?"

25 Words to use with  differences