50 Words to use with dinings

Now one is invited each time, there is always music or a comedie, sometimes a conference in Lent, and a buffet in the dining-room.

But by the time they had finished their round, and the clanging of a big bell summoned them to assemble in the dining-hall for tea, they had been able to form a general idea as to the geography of Ronleigh College, and a brief account of their discoveries will be of interest to the reader.

They went into the little dining-room, which was curiously furnished with a green marble dining-table, narrow, as in the pictures of the Last Supper, at which the guests could sit on one side only to be waited on from the other.

"It'sit's so hard for me to walk when the train is moving; andandI wouldn't feel happy in that gay, luxurious dining car.

But the dining saloon.

With his blended private and professional habits alone I have to do; that harmonious fusion of the manners of the player into those of every day life, which brought the stage boards into streets, and dining-parlours, and kept up the play when the play was ended.

The lady had her gray bonnet on when they got back to the little parlor; there is no time to lose in mere waiting for anything at a railway dining-place; and she had her baga veritable, old-fashioned, home-made carpet thingopen on a chair before her, and in her hand a long, knit purse with steel beads and rings.

Our dining apartment was the old domus refectionis of the convent, as its name, written over the door which led into the choir, manifested.

CHAPTER III BARBARA VANISHES Grace's arrival was greeted by a shout, and when she stopped in front of the dining-tent a group of curious people surrounded her.

He took his art lightly, and lived, in Vasari's phrase, "free from care," having such beguilements as a tame menagerie (Leonardo, it will be remembered, loved animals too and had a habit of buying small caged birds in order to set them free), and two or three dining clubs, the members of which vied with each other in devising curious and exotic dishes.

It was a favourite dining house for them.

Noticing that Basilio was watching him with questioning and suspicious eyes, he said, "Tonight there will be a fiesta and this lamp will be placed in a little dining-kiosk that I've had constructed for the purpose.

Man, it has been said, is a dining animal.

His weekly dining day for company was Thursday, and his dining hour was always four o'clock in the afternoon.

Supper, a little later, was served in the dining-roomthe first meal that the Sturgises had eaten there.

"Attended a dining-party at Mr. Johnston's. 9th.

They were late in coming, so to pass the time she drew pictures of Nagoba, the snake-king, on her dining-platform and on the wall.

And the reason they agree so much in both cases is really that they belong to one social class; and therefore the dining life is the real life.

A stamp-photograph likeness of Mr. James P. Batch in the corner of Miss Slayback's mirror, and thereafter No Man's slippers became number eight-and-a-half C, and the hearth a gilded radiator in a dining-living-room somewhere between the Fourteenth Street Subway and the land of the Bronx.

On passing from the dining parlor, the door was closed, leaving the company standing round the table in mute astonishment and commiseration.

The chest of drawersan incongruous article of furniture for what seemed to be a dining-roomas being the nearest and best lighted object received most of my attention.

Full-length pictures of the members of the Cabal Ministry adorn the dining-roomall fine examples of Lely's brush; then there is a very large representation of the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo mounted on his favourite charger "Copenhagen" by Lawrence; two "Romneys," one "Sir Joshua," and several "Knellers.

His mother and don Andrés were still talking in the dining-roomand of him, as usual, without a doubt!

At six o'clock Mr. Hurst came into the dining-roomhe has tea in the City and dines at sixand when he saw the table laid for two he asked the reason.

Octavia was in therethe dining-roomhelping to lay the cloth, as she had been rather clumsy, too, and been sent away, and her young man was as nice as mine; and we four had a superb time, as happy as children, but Tom was nothing but a drone, for he sat with Kitty in a window seat behind some curtains, and did not do a thing.

50 Words to use with  dinings