12 Words to use with display

A display-window, denuded of frippery but strewn with straw and crisscrossed with two large strips of poster, proclaimed Chicklet Face Powder to the cosmetically concerned.

Dealer display advertising.

Advertising display designs embodying a semi-oval horizon as background.

My last view of Allenburg was from across the river with the long rays of the setting sun burnishing the ruins of the once beautiful church, the church I saw months later on the screen in the London display room, the church that has been shown all over the world as evidence of Russian methods in war.

National Cash Register Co. (PWH); 13Feb69; R455716. <pb id='192.png' /> Display selling.

In the centre is the administrative building which is a one storey cottage having on the ground floor a small office which doubles up as reception area, a room which holds the display exhibits like the king cobra, python etc., a store room and a toilet.

In the semi-weekly edition of Aftonbladet, which is considered the best advertising medium in Sweden on account of its large circulation and superior class of readers, display ads.

The display screen offered only the few floors in use by the pirates but Zimbardo had another destination in mind.

It has a display section in front and a store room at the back.

A short stout figure should avoid the loose flowing robes and ample drapery suitable for tall slight women; while these again should be cautious of adopting fashions which compress the figure, give formality, or display angles.

But what I saw remaining in the display tank amazed me.

Not all have proven to be practicable, but those which have failed to prove in under actual operating conditions none the less display evidence of ingenuity which may well excite our admiration.

12 Words to use with  display
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