13 Words to use with distribution

The retail distribution structure of the small city; based on a study of the Waseca, Minnesota, retail plant and trade area, by Ralph Cassady, Jr. & Harry J. Ostlund.

"That's as folks think," quietly returned Mr. Job Pratt, though he smiled in a manner so significant as to cause Mrs. Martin a new qualm, as she grew more and more apprehensive that the property was, after all, to go by the distribution law.

By a process of mathematical reasoning of a sort too technical to be appropriately given here, he discovers an order in which our categories range themselves naturally, and which corresponds with the points of space; and that this order presents itself in the form of what he calls a "three circuit distribution board."

It might be esteemed desirable that no such augmentation of the taxes should take place as would have the effect of annulling the land-proceeds distribution act of the last session, which act is declared to be inoperative the moment the duties are increased beyond 20 per cent, the maximum rate established by the compromise act.

(Merchandising and distribution series)

CASTENHOLZ, WILLIAM B. The control of distribution costs and sales.

On the last day, there was the prize distribution ceremony.

The communications revolution may not have brought with it either salvation for the world's stock exchanges or the technological infrastructure for a new global resource distribution system.

But because of the qualities above outlined, and because it meets in large measure the pragmatic tests, the competitive rule of distribution appeals to all men (even to those who denounce it) as having in many of its applications a moral character, as compared with the other possible methods of distribution.

The same is the case with a free-sheeter at the news stands or distribution counter.

And the closed source mentality travels all the way around the distribution cycle.

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Frequently during the happy distribution hour printers could be heard quoting from the dramatist and the poet, and occasionally the affairs of church and state would receive serious consideration, and often the subject would be handled in a manner that would do credit to the theologian or the diplomat, but modern ingenuity has made it probable that no more statesmen will receive their diplomas from the composing room.

13 Words to use with  distribution