39 Words to use with division

He had himself begged the division commander to give the men another trial, and he had staked his commission on their doing such duty as would remove the tarnish of the afternoon from their banners.

An aide that he recognized from division headquarters rode past at the moment and Jack turned to watch him.

Sam's plot of ground and cabin was near the division line between the two farms, and Lewis took his time to go down there after dark.

Monroe table of interest division factors, leap year; 366 day basis.

It was about fifteen minutes late, and in order to make the run to the next division point it was necessary to maintain an average speed of more than forty-five miles an hour.

PINCHON, J. P. Les provinces de France illustrées et leurs divisions départementales.

From there he went to the office of the division superintendent, and left a half-hour later, after an exchange of telegrams between the superintendent and the conductor of the train for New York, which informed him that the drawing-room engaged by Warren had been unoccupied, nor had there been an attempt on the part of any one to secure possession of it.

The firm of Russell, Majors & Waddell had a division agent at Kearney, and this agent mounted us on mules so that we could accompany the troops.

" In the statement submitted by Mrs W.L. Courtney on behalf of the Council on Women's Employment in the Civil Service the claim was made: "That women should be eligible for first division appointments, or equivalent appointments, in suitable offices, such as the Education Office, the Local Government Board, the Home Office, the Insurance Commission, and the Board of Trade.

His performances in debate are no concern of mine, for I am speaking of conversation only; but most Members of Parliament will agree that he is the best companion that can be found for the last weary half-hour before the division-bell rings, when some eminent nonentity is declaiming his foregone conclusions to an audience whose whole mind is fixed on the chance of finding a disengaged cab in Palace Yard.

"* * "L'interet et la criminelle avarice ont fomente et entretenu des germes de division entre les citoyens des villes et ceux des campagnes, entre les cultivateurs, les artisans et les commercans, entre les citoyens des departements et districts, et meme des communes voisines.

It is astonishing how reckless people are of this vital point, suffering it to be determined for them by the direction of a road, or even of a division-fence,as if they had never looked at their houses with their own eyes, but only with the casual view of a stranger.

He was a good division general, but he doubted his ability for the general command.

Now we made our way slowly back to division headquarters, and there I found that preparations had been made for very much the most ambitious and pretentious concert that I had yet had a chance to give in France.

In the division-lobby the Nationalists received the assistance of some forty or fifty British Members, who supported the motion, Mr. Punch suspects, more out of hatred of the Coalition than of love for Ireland.

A.In sea-going steamers the funnel plates are usually about nine feet long and 3/16ths thick; and where different flues or boilers have their debouch in the same chimney, it is expedient to run division plates up the chimney for a considerable distance, to keep the draughts distinct.

No attack," a division staff officer explained.

To this end the act-division isnot, perhaps, essential, since the rhythm may be marked even in a one-act playbut certainly of enormous and invaluable convenience.

Division 1.Natural disabilities of women when not actively engaged in childbearing.

The sixth and final division treats of the relations of morals to the execution of justice.

The 60th Division men had rushed forward to do their duty before the Derby scheme or conscription sought out the cream of Britain's manhood, and no one had any misgivings about that fine cheery crowd.

" "If the division marches and Dr. Khayme remains here, what will you do?" he asked.

Tell the division officers to train on the craft that's coming, and wait orders."

The dismounted yeomanry, whose condition through the wet and mud was precisely similar to that of the 60th Division troops, for they, too, had found the hills barren of shelter and equally cold, did extremely well in forcing the enemy from his stronghold on the hill covering Beit Iksa and the Kulonieh-Jerusalem road, from which, had he not been ejected, he could have harassed the Londoners' left.

Two or three days prior to the match we were shocked to discover that NT would be fielding a few first division players from the Dempo team.

39 Words to use with  division