40 Words to use with drafts

An order was issued by the military authorities requesting the tender of men and teams for this purpose, but the owners of draft horses did not respond with sufficient alacrity to supply the pressing necessities of the army, and it was necessary for the authorities to issue another order forcibly impressing into service of the government any and all teams that could be found on the streets or in stables.

The mule is the only draft animal that always pulls straight and gets there right side up.

After the President's remarks the other day about a draft-treaty no one except the President would think of preparing a plan.

On August 5, 1918, plans were announced for increasing the effective strength of the United States army to 5,000,000 forthwith, by an extension of the draft age limits and rapid intensive training.

It would be well if the Seville officers sent two light-draft vessels to occupy the mouths of the rivers by which they enter.

And yet, to Patricia, it was beginning to seem that Patricia Musgrave was not living, altogether, in that Lichfield which John Charteris has made immortal"that nursery of Free Principles" (according to the Lichfield Courier-Herald) "wherein so many statesmen, lieutenants-general and orators were trained to further the faith of their fathers, to thrill the listening senates, draft constitutions, and bruise the paws of the British lion.

He had had serious reason for complaining of the treatment meted out to him by the Quarterly Review: see the opening (partially cited at p. 17) of his draft-letter to the Editor.

" An illustration of this may be found in the draft Order for the regulation of Poor Law Institutions which is now before the public.

On June of this year 744,865 men reaching the age of 21 since June 5, 1917, were registered for selective draft purposes.

At the same time the draft report has passed through the searching examination of all but one member and the report represents the mature deliberations of four out of the five members.

While I believe this is a correct supposition, it is not responsive to the question as to the reason why he wished me to deliver to him a draft resolution.

In the draft riots which occurred there in 1863, one of the aims of the mobs was to assassinate Negroes and to destroy their property.

He looked like a rough draft fur a riotous cartoon.

Provision is made on each roving frame for changing the size of rove so as to accommodate it for the subsequent process of spinning and according to the count of the required yarn; the parts involved in these changes are those which affect the draft gearing, the twist gearing, and the builder gearing in conjunction with the automatic index wheel which acts on the whole of the regulating motion.

The ideal houseboat is the light-draft water gypsy, that turns often from the buoyed course and wanders off into the picturesque world of little waters; along streamlets that lead in winding ways to quaint bits of nowhere, and into quiet shallows of forgotten lagoons that have fallen asleep to the lullaby of their own rushes.

United States stops draft boards and lifts war restriction of industries.

The like may be hinted of some proceedings of the draft-rioters.

The draft licence sent me I begged to decline; Though other chaps had 'em, they were not for me; I prefer a free flag, on the strictest Q.T. A sly "floating factory" thus I set up (I'm a mixture of RUPERT the Rover and KRUPP).

No sooner had they got to head-quarters, and found they were anticipated in the draft matter, and the project of a chieftainship, by letters from the agent, than they drew up a long list of accusations against him, containing every imaginable and abominable abuse of office.

The four dead or badly wounded draft mules were disentangled from the harness, and their places supplied with the four army mules, whose packs were thrown into the wagons.

" "Thet air's an argymunt I can't endorse, 'T would prove, coz you wear spurs, you kep' a horse: For brains," sez I, "wutever you may think, Ain't boun' to cash the draft o' pen-an'-ink, Though mos' folks write ez ef they hoped jes' quickenin' The churn would argoo skim-milk into thickenin'; But skim-milk ain't a thing to change its view O' usefleness, no more 'n a smoky flue.

"The first draft sale of the Gloucestershire Old Spots speaks volumes for the black and white pig.. ..

The most important consideration with respect to barn yard cattle is that the draft oxen should be fit for their work: when bought unbroken they should not be less than three years old nor more than four, strong, but well matched, lest the stronger wear out the weaker: with large horns, black rather than any other color, broad foreheads, flat noses, deep chests and heavy quarters.

Grimm had four months at his disposal; he was undisturbed in his own house; why should he not have burnt the draft page by page as it was copied out?

Wrote draft paragraphs to the effect above stated to Lord W. Bentinck, and added a paragraph giving the Duke's reasoning against the removal of the Government from Calcutta to the north-west provinces.

40 Words to use with  drafts