175 Words to use with dreames

It has come in dream-land.

Meanwhile the Parlins and Cliffords are "climbing the dream tree."

According to old dream-books, the dreaming of yew indicates the death of an aged person, who will leave considerable wealth behind him; while the violet is said to devote advancement in life.

that Nick had to bang the door of his dream-house with violence.

Long I mused upon this, but at last my pipe was out, and I awoke from that troubled spot where God's little creatures had clashed in their puny rageawoke to know that this was my day to wander in another worldthe dream world of children, where everything is true that ought to be true.

And it may show us a source for a good deal of the material of dreams and dream states.

In Coleridge we see this independence expressed in "Kubla Khan" and "The Ancient Mariner," two dream pictures, one of the populous Orient, the other of the lonely sea.

Fifty repetitions of the new sweetness, fifty deliberate rollings of it under the tongue, is, I understand, the minimum duration of such, before the passion is worked off, and the dream-child really breathing free of its dream-parent.

"And wherein, pray, have I harmed Lichfield by imagining a dream city situated half way between Atlantis and Avalon and peopled with superhuman personsand by having called this city Lichfield?

That dream hath vanished, and my hope is flown; For he who fain a seraph would pursue Wingless, hath cast words to the winds, and dew On stones, and gauged God's reason with his own.

This dream while it lasted was, like all dreams, confounded with reality; whereas the other phenomena, even if made of "dream-stuff," were rated at their true value.

Thus he is conscious of his own inability to hold intercourse with other personalities; for though he may for his own pleasure create the semblance of them in his dream-life, yet he knows that these are creations of his own mind, and that while he appears to be conversing with a friend amid the most lovely surroundings the friend himself may be having experiences of a very different description.

"O dream-ship builder!

In our dream days, the possibility of my dying sometime had never entered our heads; but now it was an awful reality.

III When the dream person went away, he came late at night to the camp of the Snakes, the enemy.

And so, in addition to his waking experience of the terrors of nature, he will have a whole dream-experience besides, of a still more terrific kind.

Her own gray spine stiffened when she saw the tawny hair along Kazan's back bristle at some dream vision.

"Can you tell us the way?" "No," said the Queen, "I mustn't, but I have a friend who is a dream-keeper just over the border, and I think he may be able to help you.

"You meet Dickie here when you're through work, dream-girl," he said gently.

It was my ashes of roses, the music of my first love, its poignancies softened by time and memory into an ineffable, faint melody; it was the moon that drenched my bygone youth with wonder-lighta dream-face, exquisite as running water, unfolding flowers and those other sweets that poets try in vain to entangle in the meshes of word and rhythm.

For nearly two hours she had been zealously striving to produce an exact and faithful copy of the hollyhocks, and she had just thrown on another sheet a whole bunch of imaginary flowers, of dream-flowers, extravagant and superb.

"It's a dream cake, of course, a Bad-dream cake, so you can't eat it.

A man, and more particularly a woman, can easily hear strange voicesthe Word of the Lord rolling between the dead hills; may see visions and dream dreams; get revelations and an outpouring of the spirit, and end (such things have been) lamentably enough in those big houses by the Connecticut River which have been tenderly christened The Retreat.

" Many plants in dream-lore have more than one meaning attached to them.

XIII When the first faint flush of dawn was waking in the east, the fair, sweet face of Marina of Murano was outlined for the last time, vague as some dream memory, against the deep shadows of the interior, between the quaint columns that framed her window.

175 Words to use with  dreames
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