191 Words to use with dressing

She had a charming room and dressing-room, with windows giving on a garden or rather farmyard, for the soeurs had their cows and chickens.

It was Pepper, cowering under my dressing gown.

Therefore Willie got a tumbler from his dressing-table, and went to the other side of the room.

When evening came he would stride cheerily along the dingy street to the house where he and his fellow-workman lodged, refresh himself with a hot bath, don what he called his dress suit, and after their simple meal and a frolic with little Dick, the motherless boy who was the joy of Richard Trueman's heart, he would settle down for a long evening of study among his cherished books.

The Chinese, Japanese, Persians, Greeks, and Roumanians wore their national dressand much better they look in them than in the ordinary dress coat and white tie of our men.

We see extensively advertised the "Saxon Razor;" but have not yet summoned up sufficient courage to try this article, which "no gentleman's dressing-case should be without."

Annette was a dress-maker of approved taste, her person was sufficiently attractive, her broken English gave piquancy to thoughts of no great depth, she was of a suitable age, and he had made her proposals and been accepted, as soon as it was ascertained that Eve and Grace were irretrievably lost to him.

There were other dressing stations near by.

"We may go after breakfast and needn't come back till four o'clock when Miss Anderson has called a dress rehearsal," chimed in Norma.

They were having a dress parade when we rode up, and as this was the first time that I had ever seen any soldiers, I thought it was a grand sight.

They came in grand costume, moving in their fantastic attire with so much aplomb and genteel measure that the stranger found it difficult not to believe them high-born gentlemen, attending a fancy-dress ball.

In obedience I rose and dressed, and when I went forth he told me to get my traveling-cloak and dressing-bag, adding that he was compelled to go north, as to continue the cruise would occupy too much time.

Or maybe the domestic traits prevail and you would think of dress-clothes hanging in camphorated bags and a row of winter boots upon a shelf.

in height, was wearing the full-dress uniform of a captain in the Army.

She told them to bring dishes, dress goods, mirrors, clocks, and the like to trade for ivory, oil, and bananas and other things in the jungle.

" "This here wash silk, Mrs. C., would" "Send me up a dress-pattern off this coral-pink sample for Selene.

If his income drops to £18 a week he and his family have just as much to eat and drink and wear; probably they live in the same house as before; the only change is a different place for the summer holiday, and, perhaps, the dress-circle instead of the stalls at a theatre.

He was in full uniform, and had buckled on his dress-sword, which he seldom worehaving, on this morning declared, it is said, that if he were compelled to surrender he would do so in full harness.

She gave the cook and housekeeper a quarter of her dress allowance, in addition to the wages Bruce considered sufficient; because Bruce believed that they could not afford more than a certain amount for a cook, while he admitted that Edith, who had a few hundred pounds a year of her own, might need to spend this on dress.

The child looked quite delicious in her frock of rose silk decked with white lace, and her large hat trimmed with some of the dress material.

Her apron was almost as long as her dress skirt, which reached below her ankles, yet was short enough to show brown stockings above her low shoes.

In the art of dress-making for ladies the Chinese display wonderful skill.

Here he was encountered by Mr. Arbuthnot, with his dress boots and white cravat.

There was a full-dress dinner party and reception last night....

Though there was no path, she knew her way; and, walking through the wet heather, she came after half-an-hour out upon a muddy byroad which led her into the town of Crieff, whence her return was easy; though it was already dusk, and the dressing-bell had gone, before she re-entered the house by the servants' door and slipped unobserved up to her own room.

191 Words to use with  dressing
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