8 Words to use with dug

On the larger of these there were rude "dug-outs," made by the darkies to cut off the long walk from their quarters to the tobacco and corn fields.

Especially in number seeven dug-oot!" There was a short silence.

"It means dig graves," he said.

That I should have been expected to gather apples and dig potatoes, filled her with indignation.

Some chopsome ploughsome weed some dig ditch.

You would be pressed into the Confederate service to help them throw up barricades, dig trenches, and add to the strength of those who enslaved your mother and sister.

"Wouldst thou dig thine elbows into me, sirrah?

o' someone, fer she jest sets in the porch, when he's a' tinkerin' round in the evenings or dig-gin' in the gardinhe's never satisfied unless everything's jest kep spick an' spanan' there's the sweetest smile on her face, an' the dreamy look in her eyes thet folks' eyes don't never hev 'cept when they're episodin' with their past.

8 Words to use with  dug