123 Words to use with duty

John had enough of the sturdy Puritan in his nature to deeply feel the duty incumbent on him, and enough of the cavalier to be a gentleman, unselfish and kind.

I am a soldier, and wherever duty calls, I go, be it pleasant or unpleasant.

But the two of us together are the co-executor, since the duty devolves upon one or other of us, in any case.

When this is not otherwise practicable, extra and special duty men will be detailed for night guard duty, still performing their daily duties.

I have here brought you back a poor deluded wandererher return to duty demands the revival of our tenderness.

Duty bids praise him, not unchastity.

Of these causes and of their bearing on the interests of our Union I shall communicate the sentiments which I have formed with that freedom which a sense of duty dictates.

Thus to relieve the wretched was his pride, And e'en his failings leaned to Virtue's side; But in his duty prompt at every call, He watched and wept, he prayed and felt, for all;

No duty forbids.

And the world goes on as before, and there is a whispering in the moonlit garden, and young people steal off for wholly superfluous glasses of water, and the men give her duty dances, and she is oldah, so old!under the rouge and inane smiles and dainty fripperies that caricature her lost youth!

Did not her duty lie where her heart was?

" THE LIGHT-KEEPER, "It seems ter me that's all there is: jest do your duty right.

It is the duty of masters to take care of there slaves and provide for them, and this duty I believe is as generally and as fully complyd with as any other duty enjoind on the human family, for next to their children their own offspring, their slaves stand next foremost in their care and attention, there are indeed very few instances of a contrary character.

The nineteen millions of Treasury notes authorized by the act of Congress of 1837, and the modifications thereof with a view to the indulgence of merchants on their duty bonds and of the deposit banks in the payment of public moneys held by them, have been so punctually redeemed as to leave less than the original ten millions outstanding at any one time, and the whole amount unredeemed now falls short of three millions.

You've seen balloons set, haven't you? So stately they ascend It is as swans discarded you For duties diamond.

Any officer who is found drunk on duty shall, if the offense be committed in time of war, be dismissed from the service and suffer such other punishment as a court-martial may direct; and if the offense be committed in time of peace he shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Ye lily-wives so happy in the nest, Whose joy within the gates of duty springs, Blame not Love's poor, who, if they would be blest, Must steal what comes to you with marriage rings: Ye pity the poor lark whose scarce-tried wings Faint in the net, while still the morning air With brown free throats of all his brethren sings, And can it be ye will not pity her, Whose youth is as a lark all lost to singing there?

But you would not have me stay idle when my plain duty commands.

I. Forbidden fruit a flavor has That lawful orchards mocks; How luscious lies the pea within The pod that Duty locks!

" "The duty hath been executed, noble Sirs, and with a success I had not hoped to meet with.

Those let me curse; what vengeance will they urge, Whose ordures neither plague nor fire can purge? Nor sharp experience can to duty bring, Nor angry Heaven, nor a forgiving king!

Wonder Books, Inc. (PWH); 7Jan74; R567513. R567514. Cherry Ames private duty nurse.

Mutual forbearance becomes, therefore, a duty obligatory upon all, and we may, I am confident, count upon a cheerful compliance with this high injunction on the part of our constituents.

Thus being defeated in every inquiry, and my business at last concluded in London, I went up to Dumfries on a duty visit which I paid annually to my uncle, Sir George Little.

"I hold that a solemn duty rests upon the officers of Government in all branches, and more particularly upon the officers of the Civil Service, so to comport themselves in the inception and working of the new measures as to make the task of the people and their leaders easy.

123 Words to use with  duty
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