26 Words to use with dyeing

We found their houses filled with the finest cotton, and the beams of their dwellings were made of dye-wood.

Thru the dye tube.

Standing near the Western Seas, she turned her eyes naturally to the Americas, and a great trade was beginning in tobacco and raw silk from Virginia, rich woods and dye stuffs from the Main, and rice and fruits from the Summer Islands.

"So I told Mr. Fink," replied the boy; "but he said as how them were the hair-dye man's orders.

This is the method employed generally in small dye-works for all dresses for black; their lots are so small.

As they turned another corner they met Susy, who had been sent to the dye-house.

What did they use for dyeing thread and cloth and how did they dye them?

The extracting colours from their primitive basis is a chemical operation, and cannot be expected in this place; but as some persons may be inclined to ascertain these properties of vegetables, I shall go just so far into the subject as to give an idea of the modes generally used; and to state the principles on which the colouring property is fixed when applied to the purposes of dyeing cloth.

To prepare dye boiler, put in 2 lb. logwood, boil twenty minutes.

"No, they ain't; they're jest colored in a dye-pot.

Attached to the German orphanage there was a carpet factory, with dyeing vats and a spinnery, which Dr. Rohrbach, after personal investigation, describes as "an institution to be welcomed as unreservedly from the national as from the humanitarian point of view.

MADDER.This very useful dyeing drug used to be grown in this country in considerable quantities, but it is not cultivated here at the present time.

I gathered some exquisite pink blossoms, of a sort of waxen texture, off a small shrub which was strange to me, and for which Jack's only name was dye-bush; but I could not ascertain from him whether any dyeing substance was found in its leaves, bark, or blossoms.

BERTHELOT, PIERRE EUGÈNE, a French chemist, born at Paris; professor in the College of France; distinguished for his researches in organic chemistry, and his attempt to produce organic compounds; the dyeing trade owes much to his discoveries in the extraction of dyes from coal-tar; he laid the foundation of thermo-chemistry; b. 1827.

All these articles are much valued, particularly the indigo for dyeing woollens, for the weaving of which there is a loom in every house.

Thousands of valuable dye-colors and other compounds used in the arts attest its practical value.

Some of these men introduced new techniques from the old provinces of China into the "colonial" areas and set up dye factories, textile factories, etc., in the new towns of the south.

But on the contrary when I looke on A Clytemnestra, or a Tullia; The first bath'd in her husbands blood; The latter, Without a touch of piety, driving on Her Chariot ore her fathers breathless trunk, Horrour invades my faculties; and comparing The multitudes o' th' guilty, with the few That did dye Innocents, I detest, and loathe 'm As ignorance or Atheisme.

Pine straw an sweetgum dyes purple, set color wid chamber lye.

As soon as they have plundered a man they throw him away like a dye-rag that has been squeezed dry.

Firstly, industry and commerce are world-wide; the remotest countries are bound together by economic ties; invisible cords link the Belgian iron worker with the London docker and the Clyde shipwright, the Californian fruit grower with the Malay tin miner and the German dye worker.

Their noise soon brought out a ferocious, lank-visaged-looking man, about forty years of age, who immediately called off the dogs; but before I had time to make the inquiry that brought me there, he began in about the following strain, "What dye yer waunt up yar, stranger?

CHEVREUL, MICHEL EUGÈNE, a French chemist, born at Angers; an expert in the department of dyeing, and an authority on colours, as well as the chemistry of fats; was director in the dyeing department in the Gobelins manufactory; he lived to witness the centenary of his birth (1786-1889).

Our guide had left, and the only information we could get, from a dyeing establishment next door, was that the occupants had gone into the country.

Before the dyeing operations, steep the goods in hand-heat soda water, rinse through two warm waters.

26 Words to use with  dyeing