7 Words to use with elevation

Delightfully easy she, and so respectful and obliging I, all the way, and as we walked out upon the heath, to view the variegated prospects which that agreeable elevation affords, that she promised to take now-and-then a little excursion with me.

"So," said Tom, as he went home, "he has found his way to the elevation-bottle, has he, as well as Mrs. Heale?

(d) Deflection and elevation correction drills.

At the foot of the mountain, and up to a certain elevation excavations filled with sulphur are observed; and in its neighbourhood several of the sepulchral caverns of the Guanches, the ancient inhabitants of the island.

This absurd self-elevation forms a striking contrast with the dignified deportment of all the other great living Poets.

[Illustration] grace, elegance [Illustration] charm, elevation [Illustration] Light and amiable.

The site of the townwhile ample for a large city, having an area of several miles in extentseems rather too low to insure that dryness essential to good health, though we believe its general sanitary reputation is as good as any of the towns along the river, and this is more than could be expected, since its general elevation scarce exceeds a dozen feet above the river when at a fair stage of water.

7 Words to use with  elevation