505 Nouns for  emergency

505 Nouns for emergency

In European countries, emergency services take about eight minutes or more to arrive, once they have been alerted.

Emergency room, by Teresa Hyde Phillips.

In 2010, poisoning resulted in about 180,000 deaths, down from 200,000 in 1990. citation There were approximately 727,500 emergency department visits in the United States involving poisonings—3.3% of all injury-related encounters.

Be aware of your surroundings take note of parked cars, individuals loitering, etc. Those in estates must ensure they have an emergency response plan (what happens if you or your neighbors are under attack?

This matter of retaining sugar and controlling its output is one of the utmost significance for growth and metabolism, the resistance to infections, the response to emergency situations, and in general to the mobilization of energy for physical and mental purposes.

The other key, for emergency use, hung on a nail in the fourth story hall.

Emergency orders!

A 2014 emergency management plan found online only mentioned the word pandemic 10 times in 245 pages.

The day after the raid the Irish Minister for Justice, Gerald Boland, at an emergency meeting of the Dáil (government) introduced the Emergency Powers bill to allow internment (taking prisoner), Military Tribunal, and executions for IRA members.

This is an emergency measure by which the national banks, when currency is scarce, may issue more under certain conditions.

An emergency shelter was prepared on the island.

Is there to be no such thing as an emergency power?

Those with less training are known as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) in some countries such as the United States, and emergency care assistants (ECAs) in the United Kingdom.

Kristina Gisela Hänel (born August 5, 1956 ) citation is a German doctor in general medicine and emergency medicine.

According to a Correctional Service Canada spokesman, emergency responders were called after Tokarchuk was found in his living quarters in the prison’s minimum security unit.

Aberdeen International Airport confirmed the aircraft was met by the emergency crews and would not have any further details.

Countries must invest in emergency preparedness.

Upon landing some of the tires blow out, causing a fire that is extinguished by emergency personnel on the ground.

At night, however, she was obliged to admit that he could not be coming; and then, quivering with honest anxiety for her old friend, Blossy dipped into her emergency fund, which she kept in the heart of a little pink china pig on a shelf in her room,a pink china pig with a lid made of stiff black hair standing on edge in the middle of his back,and sent a telegram to Captain Darby, asking if he were sick.

Merle Colby (A); 16Jul59; R240046. COLCORD, JOANNA C. Emergency work relief.

Acting Manager Hays says the governor’s emergency declaration also does not grant the borough the authority to make broad health-related mandates.

California’s overwhelmed hospitals are setting up makeshift extra beds for patients, and a handful of facilities in hard-hit are drawing up emergency plans in case they have to limit how many people receive live-saving care.

Only a few vehicles have been allowed on the island other than the city's emergency vehicles.

means of escape &c (escape) 671; lifeboat, lifejacket, life buoy, swimming belt, cork jacket; parachute, plank, steppingstone; emergency landing.

Many emergency workers and nearby residents were hospitalized and hundreds of thousands of others were forced to remain indoors for 24 hours.

Why does a surgeon get out of bed on a winter's night to do an emergency operation at a hospital?

According to Levitan, the devices signaled to two emergency physicians he knew that they needed treatment early on, and both went to the hospital and recovered.

After several frenzied weeks creating emergency lending programs, the Fed has turned its focus to getting them up and running, leaving aside for now difficult questions about how to stimulate the economy once more commercial activity is allowed to resume.

CDTA has continued operating through the pandemic, and now the transportation authority is getting $42.7 million in emergency funding from the federal government.

EKU already had an emergency loan program, but we thought it was critical to be able to award grants to take that burden off students who are often already financially committed so they could continue to focus on their academics, Schumacher continued.

In 2009 and 2010, the company went to 668,451 emergency calls, including 207,626 high-priority "category A" emergencies.

"Domus 8.7 fills a gap in providing readily available support from a formal perspective, emergency assistance and addressing other needs for people trapped in modern slavery or facing exploitation in the workforce."

According to the report, $40 million in emergency aid approved by Congress, signed by President Donald Trump March 3 and earmarked to help American Indians fight coronavirus has not been distributed.

He got a reduced fare to Boston for the following afternoon on an emergency basis and began putting things into his Filson bag and then taking them out.

Securing some malted-milk tablets, carried for emergency rations, he dissolved them in his mouth.

Four Liberal cabinet ministers joined the NDP in calling for Parliament to hold an emergency debate to discuss southwest Nova Scotia's escalating fishery dispute.

Ma looked at pa as though she wanted to call the police and am ambulance to take him to the emergency hospital.

Burton had a traumatic brain injury (TBI), broken bones, bruised lungs and a tear in his small intestine that required emergency surgery.

Even before the emergency procedures were put in place because of Coronavirus, the Costa Blanca South urbanisation has been hit by planned roadworks that will continue until the end of May.

The state governor declared a financial emergency in March 2013, appointing an emergency manager.

Create an emergency contact list of family members, friends, neighbors, health care providers, teachers, employers and others.

"I saw an item in the paper"he strove to speak unconcernedly"a Marconigramthat a certain Russian prince's private yachtthe Nevskihad damaged her propeller, or some other part of her gear, and was being towed into this harbor for emergency repairs."

Actually, this time is was an emergency authorization by the FDA for convalescent plasma therapy basically an infusion of antibodies from a person who has recovered from COVID into a person with an active infection.

AFTER community findings and research over the past two years indicated confusion around emergency alerts, a new Australian-wide warning system will be used from today (December 1).

Get out your emergency kit, will you?

It was a sort of emergency exit back from a row of ramshackle, water-logged hovels in the ditch to the communication trench.

All COVID-19 emergency legislation is temporary, and only applies until 30 September, unless extended.

Dr Belemu said Mahogany is open to support flights for any emergency supply that the Ministry of Health may require to move around the country.

But Britain, like other countries around the world, is relying on one non-medical tactic to stretch NHS resources: emergency rules that require most people to stay indoors except to buy groceries, exercise or work in essential industries.

Even if it be held that public workshops can furnish no economic remedy for poverty, this judgment would of course be by no means conclusive against public emergency works undertaken on charitable grounds to tide over a crisis.