23 Words to use with engagements

You know I saved some money at the beginning of the term to buy an engagement ring with; but I don't want it now, so I'm going to spend the tin in grub, and if you like I'll stand the first feed.

You may take my engagement book, you may fill it up as you will, but to-night I must dine with him.

There was always room on an engagement card for Paul's name.

" "And in what manner did so early and long-continued an engagement cease?" "It came from Rupert, who should have died first, before he was so untrue to himself, to my poor father, to me, to all of us, Miles, as well as to his own manhood.

But I must not dwell upon this subject, lest I become unfitted for the duties which our present engagement daily calls for.

He was expecting someone, or he had an engagement elsewheresomething claimed him from which she was excluded.

" "Perhaps she expects to teach," returned Miss Parks, in her most courteous tone, as she turned the diamond upon her engagement finger.

" This, of course, was only Cousin Will's joking, but Miss Mattie noticed with a sudden hot flush, that he had chosen the engagement fingerin all ignorance, she felt sure.

"A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME" LUNCHEON At a recent engagement luncheon the announcement was made in a unique way.

Philip had disliked the engagement originallynever had cared for Archie Douglas, and was not melted now that Jenny was more valuable than ever.

This is the swellest engagement-party I ever had.

He gave them their flat-silver, too, Puritan design, for an engagement present.

We must remember that he had wanted to make the engagement public at once; if he shrank from admitting it for the present, it was because of Elspeth's plight.

Now tell me, young man, is it really the engagement rapture that has lasted all this time?

At Miss Selene Coblenz's engagement reception, an event properly festooned with smilax and properly jostled with the elbowing figures of waiters tilting their plates of dark-meat chicken salad, two olives, and a finger-roll in among the crowd, a stringed three-piece orchestra, faintly seen and still more faintly heard, played into the babel.

And so on the surface Carolina Langdon was most amiable to the secretary, encouraged him in his attentions to her, led him surely into her power, Norton having prevailed, on her to keep the knowledge of their engagement secret from every one, even her father.

My wedding ring, guarded by my engagement solitaire, was upon the third finger of my left hand.

Of late, however, he had adopted, with different tastes and habits, a totally different costumewhen "off duty," as he called itmeaning thereby release from the fulfilment of some business engagement subject to penalties affixed by our criminal code.

Barbro had seen real engagement ringsno use telling her!

Their efforts culminated in one of the fiercest and bloodiest engagements of the whole war, and at the height of the engagement word came that there were wounded in Dixmude, and that ambulances were urgently required to get them out.

Following naturally on the engagement announcement and bridal showers come the wedding plans.

They were well on their way to the engineering works, where Mr. Robinson was foreman, when Macgregor managed to say: 'I burst the twa pound on a ring.' 'Oho!' said John, gaily; then solemnly, 'What kin' o' a ring, Macgreegor?' 'An engagement yin,' the ruddy youth replied.

"I thought you knew me better than to think that I would come here to look into this engagement business with you or anybody else.

23 Words to use with  engagements