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The entrance hall and staircase are lined with marble, the stairs themselves being of the same.

As there was but one entrance door from the stair-way on this floor, I felt certain that I had found the right place.

News of our approach must have preceded us, for there, drawn up in line, were the bowing and grinning negroes, while at the entrance gate were Mrs. Washington and her children, as well as a dozen families assembled from as many miles around to do honor to the returning warrior.

An astonishing proportion of the students in our colleges come from country homes, in which they have learned to desire collegiate experience; from country schools, where they have received the preparation necessary to pass the required college entrance examinations.

The latter bore from our anchorage in 5 fathoms, South 56 degrees West 2 miles, and 4 1/2 West 20 degrees South from the entrance point of the inviting opening, we were now about to explore, with an interest rather stimulated than decreased by the want of success that attended our examination of Roebuck Bay.

In The Examiner for April 8, 1821, is quoted from The Traveller the following epigram, which may not improbably be Lamb's, and which shows at any rate that his protest against entrance fees for churches was in the air.

The entrance-gateway has a considerable height.

Near the entrance-way a young brave is half reclining on a mat.

The general features of the chamber, with its arched ceiling and flattened dome, its leewans (raised platform) and the entrance-passage of colored stones, where guests leave their foot-gear before stepping upon the mat-covered floor of the room, may, for the reasons adduced elsewhere, be accepted as typical of similar apartments of the period under consideration.

arco, m., arch, archway, entrance arch, niche, recess; iris, rainbow.

After sealing up the entrance-window, and ascertaining carefully that everything was in ordera task which occupied me about an hourI set the generator to work; and when I had ascertained that the apergion was full, and that the force was supplied at the required rate, I directed the whole at first into the main conductor.

The entrance porch in the fore-court is said to be the loftiest in the world.

The entrance-room is entered through a hole in the roof, from which a ladder reaches the bottom of the passage.

In addition to the entrance tower, or porch, on its northern front, John Effingham had also placed a prettily devised conceit on the southern, by means of which the abrupt transition from an inner room to the open air was adroitly avoided.

On inquiry, he discovered that the Reverend Mr. MURRAY, of Boston, claiming the whole Adirondack region by right of discovery, had fenced it entirely in, and demanded entrance money of all visitors.

Merchant of Venice, Julius Cæsar, Macbeth, etc., in Standard English Classics (edited, with notes, with special reference to college- entrance requirements).

Over the wide entrance doorway of this picturesque building among the trees was painted in large ornamental letters: MATEKA THE HOUSE OF JOYOUS LEARNING

The area was not completely circular, since, where it faced the great gate, a segment had been cut out of it for the Commandant's quarters and outbuildings and the entrance yard, across which, our travellers now followed their guide.

The entrance salaries of Americans brought to the islands are considerably in excess of the entrance salaries received on appointment to the civil service in the United States.

He gasped, and was for getting out again as fast as possible, when the bearskin flap fell behind him over the Kachime end of the entrance-tunnel.

But Donnegan, turning to the entrance flap, called softly.

"Have the ticket men and the entrance attendants been working a flim-flam game on us?" "Oh, no, it isn't that," said the treasurer.

Nights she supped in a family-entrance café beneath her roomveal stew and a glass of beer.

The fine gate-house and the tithe-barn at the side of the entrance court are good specimens of the domestic architecture of the period.

47. 'Ingenuous arts, where they an entrance find, Soften the manners, and subdue the mind.' 216.

68 Words to use with  entrance
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