35 Words to use with escapes

In his ears the clamour of the shipwrecked men upon the decks was only a distant droning, hardly recognised for what it was by him who had not one thought other than to make all possible advantage of every precious instant; and so with the roar of steam from the escape-valves.

Outside of the thronged streets; away from piled up bricks and mortar; outside of the clank of machinery; the rumbling of carriages; the roar of the escape pipe; the scream of the steam whistle; the tramp, tramp of moving thousands on the stone sidewalks; away from the heated atmosphere of the city, loaded with the smoke and dust, and gasses of furnaces, and the ten thousand manufactories of villainous smells.

V. be invisible &c adj.; be hidden &c (hide) 528; lurk &c (lie hidden) 526; escape notice.

Zip put the slightest possible power into the escape ship, then turned the power off.

lurk, smolder, underlie, make no sign; escape observation, escape detection, escape recognition; lie hid &c 528. laugh in one's sleeve; keep back &c (conceal) 528. involve, imply, understand, allude to, infer, leave an inference; entail; whisper &c (conceal) 528.

We all know that many of the finest deeds performed in war escape recognition.

Art, who need be told, is as dependent for its survival on the survival of its physical media as man's body itselfand though the epic and the great canvas escape combustion for a million years, they must burn at last, burn with all the other accumulated shadows of time.

"I don't know," I finished, "how much my double escape complicates matters.

Having at large declared Jove's embassy, Cyllenius from Aeneas straight doth fly; He, loth to disobey the god's command, Nor willing to forsake this pleasant land, Ashamed the kind Eliza to deceive, But more afraid to take a solemn leave, He many ways his lab'ring thoughts revolves; But fear o'ercoming shame, at last resolves (Instructed by the god of thieves) to steal Himself away, and his escape conceal.

"I shall be satisfied if Annette escape convulsions," Eve added, "a refined taste being her weakness; and, to be frank, what I recollect of the works you mention, is not of the most flattering nature.

The others were already aboard their escape craft.

The men and women whom I met in the street escape description; the flâneurs of the Unter den Linden are exactly like the flâneurs of the Boulevard des Italiens.

But how could anything with such simple and solemn associations long escape desecration at Rome?

The fencers must not measure weapons, because how then could the unbated point escape discovery?

"The wise escape doubt; the good-hearted, trouble; the bold, apprehension.

The Judge's eye will pierce the inmost soul, Each hidden record of the past unroll; No word, no motive, no minuter thought Escape exposure, into judgment brought.

There, seemingly was but one chance for escape leftthat was to drop silently overboard, amid the confusion of getting under way, and make the desperate attempt to reach shore unseen before the crew could lift anchor, and set sail.

For this little school of Machiavellian apes the hopes of a successful escape lie in the abandonment of their friends.

They were now joined by the Malsham fire-escape men, who had got wind of some one to be rescued from this part of the house, and were eager to exhibit the capabilities of a new fire-escape, started with much hubbub and glorification, after an awful fire had ravaged Malsham High-street, and half-a-dozen lives had been wasted because the old fire-escape was out of order and useless.

People go to hear him in crowds, and come away with a mixture of delight and astonishmentthey go again to see if the effect will continue, and send others to try to find out the mysteryand in the noisy conflict between extravagant encomiums and splenetic objections, the true secret escapes observation, which is, that the whole thing is, nearly from beginning to end, a transposition of ideas.

These smoke-escapes perform the double duty of chimneys and also keep clear the way by which the inhabitants go in and out.

but a higher question for their solution and that of all pleasure-seeking and money-hunting people to the end of time,"What shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" It very rarely happens that a great benefactor escapes persecution, especially if he is persistent in denouncing false opinions which are popular, or prevailing follies and sins.

It occurs to me, that perhaps a chance of escape presents itself.

Yet, how should a quality so useful escape promulgation, but by the obscurity of the language in which it was delivered?

The latter escape responsibility by dividing it.

35 Words to use with  escapes