13 Words to use with evolution

" Some twelve years since we read Mr. Tylor's well-known and able work on Primitive Culture, and were much impressed with the evident fair-mindedness and courageous impartiality which distinguished the author so notably from the Clodds, the Allens, the Laings, and other popularizers of the uncertain results of evolution-philosophy.

But we should not forget that to allow an internal principle of orderly development is, not merely to modify the popular evolution theory by a slight concession to its adversaries; it is rather to make it no longer the supreme explanation of development, but at most a slight modification of the more mysterious theory which it was its boast and merit to have supplanted.

(See also Leonhardt, H. L.; 18May70; R490548) LEROI-GOURHAN, ANDRE. L'homme et la matiere; evolution et techniques.

The Victorian age was the first to set forth clearly the evolution hypothesis, which teaches the orderly development from simple to complex forms.

But letting this pass, we thought evolutionists allowed that structure is determined by function, rather than the converse; and so the confession that "it is not so easy to see how this difference of the structure arose," surprises us, coming from Mr. Laing; though why this difference should exist at all, on evolution principles, is a far greater difficulty.

Yet from the nature of the case it holds true that it is only through the facts which the theory of evolution establishes or can establish as to the development of morality that it is able to make any contribution to the solution of the further question as to the criterion of moralitythe question, that is to say, of moral worth or value.

In regard to all the other evolution problems and principles her knowledge was as great, her insight as clear, and her constructive use of them as original.

Here, then, we find the initial Polarity of Universal Spirit and Universal Substance, each being the complementary of the other, and out of this relation all subsequent evolution proceeds.

"] That, so far as I can see, is the tendency of a good deal of quite recent writing from the point of view of the evolution school: in the face of controversy and in the face of difficulties to give up the attempt which they started on so confidently thirty years ago,the attempt to show that evolution affords a means of deciding between right and wrong and of establishing an ideal for human conduct.

Passing over inorganic nature, he finds his task in the interpretation of the phenomena of life, mind, and society in terms of matter, motion, and force under the general evolution formula.

ALLEN, GRANT, man of letters, born in Kingston, Canada, 1848, and a prolific writer; an able upholder of the evolution doctrine and an expounder of Darwinism.

Katie was reading the little book on man's evolution which the man who was having much to do with her evolution hadit seemed long agosent her in the package marked "Danger."

Causes and interpretation of the evolution phenomena.

13 Words to use with  evolution