38 Words to use with examination

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The danger of Tump Pack's jealousy, the loss of his prestige, the necessity of learning the specific answers to the examination questions, all dropped away from him as trivial and inconsequent.

On one occasion he lit a bonfire in his dormitory, he pelted the German master with rejected examination papers, and in a single day was caned over a dozen times.

The number above is your examination number.

The examination system has made a fair beginning and will doubtless be gradually improved and made more stringent.

Set 1A, IB, 2A, 2B examination test.

I laboriously 'made them up'; the thought of examination days coming along spurred me on.

" "I say," whispered Diggory, as soon as they had regained their seat in the examination-room, "I vote we give that chap the cold shoulder.

MILLER MENTAL ABILITY TEST; examination form B, by Wilford Stanton Miller © 14Dec22, A694685.

BALLANTINE, HENRY WINTHROP. Problems in law, for law school and <pb id='009.png' /> bar examination review.

SEE College entrance examination board.

Poor Arthur Pendennis felt perfectly convinced that all England would remark the absence of his name from the examination lists and talk about his misfortune.

© John P. Herring (A) Examination manual: Form A. © 6Jun22, A678171.

And then there was the year when your examination fees had to be paid and I accepted an order in the English style; it was a terrible bit of work, for it's not in my way at all, and at my time of life a man is not good at new methods.

However, I was forced to reply to the people who sent me letters and cash prizes, congratulating me on my examination results.

Not until examination time arrives and they try vainly to labor through a maze of scribbling, do they realize that there must be some system in note-taking.

Up to the spring of 1917 the examination service of all vessels passing the Straits of Dover had been carried out in the Downs.

Before we read; special examination copy, by William S. Gray & Marion Monroe.

Examination form B for grades 7 to 12.

The schoolboy, rising early for his examination work, puzzled it out for himselfwith the great white star shining broad and bright through the frost-flowers of his window.

To those who intend to enter the professions, the civil and military service, and the church, the full course of the secondary school is necessary, the "maturity" examination certificate being the only open sesame to the universities, the special colleges, and the technical high schools.

The customer was an examination coach who came to complain of the non-delivery of certain frogs asked for the previous day.

Finally, I mentioned our examination dayssix in January, six more in June.

"IIdreamed the trustees required thatthat I shouldthat I should pass the freshman examination foradmission!" sighed the president.

The best rewards go to those who can parrot set answers to set questions in examination halls.

38 Words to use with  examination