20 Words to use with exhaust

The water on its way from the pump to the boiler is forced through a coil of pipes around which the exhaust steam passes on its way from the cylinder to the exhaust nozzle in the smokestack.

It will be observed that the outer steam s' is fully closed, whilst the inner exhaust valve e is but barely so, showing that there has been a cut-off on the steam valve, but no lead to the exhaust, that it was left fully open till the completion of the stroke.

The water on its way from the pump to the boiler is forced through a coil of pipes around which the exhaust steam passes on its way from the cylinder to the exhaust nozzle in the smokestack.

ALDEN, JOHN L. Design of industrial exhaust systems.

The steam ports are 13 inches long and 1-5/8 inches broad, and the exhaust port is 2-1/2 inches broad.

If he can regulate the sacred temperature of either the reading desk or the pulpit by this thermometer, and can, in addition, utilise the gutta percha tubes as exhaust pipes, then we think he will derive a tangible advantage from their presence.

The horn was reinforced by an ordinary hooter, a whistle, several human voices and, lastly, an exhaust siren.

A.In engines working at a high rate of speed, such as locomotive engines, it is very important to open the exhaust passage for the escape of the steam before the end of the stroke, as an injurious amount of back pressure is thus prevented.

Somewhat warmed by piped exhaust-gases though the glass-enclosed gallery had been, still the cold had been marked; for without, in the stupendous gulf of emptiness that had been rushing away beneath and all about them, no doubt the thermometer would have sunk below zero.

A change made by Day in the exhaust arrangements had neglected the heating jackets of the carburetters; one float valve was bent and one clutch troublesome.

In the figure the piston is just about to commence its outstroke, the movement of the steam is supposed to be represented by the arrows; the inner steam valve s, and the outer exhaust e', are just beginning to open.

A low-hung long-hooded, yellow car stood there, exhaust purring faintly.

The car was hidden for a moment from Markham's view in the declivity upon the other side of the railroad embankment, the exhaust roaring furiously, and leaped into sight, the front wheels high in the air as it took the near rail and then fell heavily with a complaining groan across the track and moved no more, its rear axle snapped in two.

He saw her hurried into the launch, which immediately got under way, its exhaust snorting furiously, and vanished around the point of rocks.

In one motion the flutter of the exhaust ceases, and the huge ten-wheeler buckles to the sudden setting of the brakes.

The remaining vapor left in the cylinder is exhausted under the lower edge of the main valve, until cushioning commences, and the steam from both upper and lower ports is discharged into the exhaust box shown in Fig.

[[lacuna]] for upon his applying [to Zeus Belus] it had answered him: "Old man, verily warriors young harass and exhaust thee: Utterly spent is thy strength, and a grievious eld comes upon thee!"

Barley, fenugreek and pulse all exhaust corn land, as well as all other things which are harvested with the straw.

The man jumped down and, followed by the maid, ran back, but before he reached the limousine was obliged to jump aside to escape the grey car which, tooled by a crack racing hand, took the corner on two wheels, then straightened out and tore past in a smother of dust, with its muffler cut out and the exhaust bellowing like a machine-gun.

Each cylinder must have its own lubrication, its ignition, intake, and exhaust mechanisms,the quartette that is responsible for nine-tenths of the stops.

20 Words to use with  exhaust