20 Words to use with expenses

For the rest it is only necessary to look at the expense accounts of the Reparations Commissions to be convinced that this sad spectacle of greed and luxury humiliates the victors more than the conquered.

The state pays the expenses incident to the discharge of their duty.

Other expense items mentioned salt, sugar, bacon, molasses, tobacco, wool and cotton cards, loom sleighs, mules and machinery.

"Cost-keep" automobile expense book.

The expense attendant upon such a modification of the executive department would be justified by the soundest principles of economy.

What happened to the new incumbent is told by the expense entries of March 9, 1855: "Paid ... amount Jones' bill for capturing negroes, $25.

If on her we see display'd Pendent gems, and rich brocade; If her chints with less expense Flows in easy negligence; Still she lights the conscious flame, Still her charms appear the same; If she strikes the vocal strings, If she's silent, speaks, or sings, If she sit, or if she move, Still we love, and still approve.

In the numerous provisions for the public education at the state's expense girls were given the same opportunities and privileges as boys; there were five thousand boys and girls educated by Trajan alone.

" A shout of laughter at our parents' expense greets this piece of information.

The whole expense hitherto incurred in carrying both resolutions into effect has exceeded by $542.56 the appropriation of April, 1818.

As pusiness increase', so do t'e expense increase.

I've got a heap o' ways for gettin' the ready cash to keep up my share o' the expenses o' the farm here.

The three factors assumed are an average mortality table, a rate of interest (or yield on investments), and an expense rate in proportion to the premiums or outstanding insurance.

The most probable finale to this drama will be, that the Christians must at their own expense ship them to Liberia (for Hayti is inundated), and there throw them on barren shores to die of starvation, or to be massacred by the savages!

The policy of the French Government, on the other hand, is to give the fullest aid to those young peoples with the support of everything liberal in Europe, and not to try to introduce at their expense abatementswhich in any case would be uselessof the colonial, naval and commercial disaster which the peace imposes on Germany.

Thought, I reckon, that since all the shareholders belonged to his family th' expense wouldn' be grudged.

All slaves born after a certain date were to be free; these should remain with their parents till a given age, after which they should be taught at public expense agriculture and the useful arts.

As the community grows in wisdom and in knowledge it makes sanitary regulations more stringent notwithstanding the fact that the increase in expense bears most heavily on the small householder with a family whose need is out of proportion to the income.

Yet the prudent thoughts are giving to the "increased cost of living," Home-expenses burden Yankee-doodle dandy, O!

But how about my job if I ride back to Stacey with nothin' to show for the trip but my expense card?" "Buck Hardy isn't a fool," said Torrance.

20 Words to use with  expenses