10 Words to use with exposures

KINZLER, EDWARD F. Kinzler uni-time exposure meter.

R78140, 4May51, Maggie May Kinzler (W) KINZLER, EDWARD F. Kinzler uni-time exposure system.

Thought transmitter mind reading, thought or mind exposure transference and guidance with the aid of scientific equipment.

Not a murmur has been heard, despite the fact that nearly one-fourth of the strength of most organizations is on sick-report, their ailments being directly caused by the exposure incident to this campaign.

Shodhane which means `search' is a newsletter brought out by students who have been to these exposure camps and they write about their experiences during the exposure or generally about other social concerns.

Often prolonged exposure results in blindness, though a moderate exposure acts like a tonic.

That such knowledge could be gleaned without a visit to the open air was an obvious advantage to those who were clothing themselves to face it, whilst the ability to study the variation of a storm without exposure savoured of no light victory of mind over matter.

For a few minutes we thought our photographic work would be closed for a season; but when spirits and energies revived, we began to think of the camera and the very long exposure plate up at the top; so up we went again with much clattering commotion to warn our enemies of our approach, and thus you have a view that one of our party will ever regard as dearly obtained.

His father in 1743 was present at the battle of Dettingen; and the exposure consequent on a night spent on the rain-soaked battle-field afflicted him with an asthmatic complaint and a partial paralysis of the limbs, which darkened for years the musician's peaceful household.

Within a few days after his return from his holiday in Mull, he was attacked by the complaint which proved fatal"an enlargement of the prostate gland"brought on, I have no doubt, by exposure day after day to continual rain, and accompanied by recurrent attacks of fever.

10 Words to use with  exposures
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