20 Words to use with fabric

though thou saw'st the mighty fabric nod, Of system'd worlds, thou hear'st a sacred charm, Graved on thy heart, to shelter thee from harm.

<pb id='172.png' n='1971h1/A/1598' /> PICKEN, MARY BROOKS. Mending made easy; the ABC and XYZ of fabric conservation.

Sewing for the home: how to make fabric furnishings in a professional way; revised and enlarged edition.

Tricot fabric design.

"Year after year steals something from us; till the decaying fabric totter of itself, and crumble at length into dust.

By Zelma Bendure & Gladys Pfeiffer, photographic layout by Crystal Stephen, fabric photos.

When they break loose they are like a public ruin, in which the highest parts lie undermost, and make the noblest fabrics heaps of rubbish.

Domestic utensils Houses and furniture Entertainments Glass manufacture Linen fabrics Paper manufacture Leather and tanners Carpenters and boat-builders Agriculture Field sports Ornaments of dress Greek arts Roman luxuries Material wonders Great cities Commerce Roman roads Ancient Rome Architectural wonders Roman monuments Roman spectacles Gladiatorial shows Roman triumphs Authorities THE MILITARY ART.

But those who in this great reform Of face and feature are engrossed Agree that to enforce a norm In labial fabric matters most; The lips that help a race to win Unquestionably must be thin.

what a sound!art's pond'rous fabric reels, Beneath machinery's ten thousand wheels; Loud falls the stamp, the whirling lathes resound, And engines heave, while hammers clatter round: What labour forges, patient art refines, Till bright as dazz'ling day metallic beauty shines.

They were swooping down a long grade with a sharp turn at the bottom, as they knew from the fact that the red eye had just winked out, somewhere on ahead, there sounded a grinding crash, the noise of a stout fabric rent and crushed with the clash and clatter of shivered glass.

The church is of ancient origin, but it is difficult to say how much of the original fabric survives.

If on the Ka'bah bent, thou brave the desert sand, Though from the acacias thorn thy foot be torn, Despair not, Heart, should the flood of death life's fabric sweep away, Noah shall steer the ark o'er billows dark: Despair not, Though perilous the stage, though out of sight the goal, Whither soe'er we wend, there is an end:

Instantly the service was thrown into the utmost confusion; part remained at prayer, part fled into the numerous hiding-places the vast fabric affords; and part went down the steps of the choir into the transept to meet the little band at the door.

In truth the subtle web of thought Is like the weaver's fabric wrought: One treadle moves a thousand lines, Swift dart the shuttles to and fro, Unseen the threads together flow, A thousand knots one stroke combines.

A profound error, which was that of the whole Revolution, and the consequences of which would have been immediately fatal; if the powerful instinct of conservatism and of natural respect for the past had not maintained between the regimen which was crumbling away and the new fabric connections more powerful and more numerous than their friends as well as their enemies were aware of.

The errors which appear from time to time amount to such a height in that period that the mere weight of their absurdity makes the fabric fall; whilst the opposition to them has been gathering force at the same time.

Jacquard loom Jute crop exports from India fabrics fibre, imports of industry knife plants, botanical and physical features of cultivation of height of marks.

She came wrapped closely in a cloak of silken fabric fine and fair called sisclaton; it was red with a border of silver and had a golden lion broidered on it.

34 DIAGRAMMATIC VIEWS OF THE STRUCTURE OF PLAIN CLOTH] A is the plain weave, 16 units shown, and used for fabrics H and P, Fig.

20 Words to use with  fabric