48 Words to use with feller

But, my friends and feller citizens, old VAN is sharper that a two-edged gimlet.

" "Yes, it's all very funny," said McGinty gloomily, "but think o' the fix a feller's in wot's had a wrong done him in the fall, and knows justice is thousands o' miles away, and he can't even go after her for eight months; and in them eight months the feller wot robbed him has et up the money, or worked out the claim, and gone dead-broke.

I used ter think, when I was a boy, thet the feller thet hed the longest tongue, knowed the most; but them's the ones that don't know nothin'; and he's one of 'em, sartin," said Jerry.

" "So rumsellers say, but it ain't a good trade to foller, and I'd chop wood 'fore I'd earn my livin' harmin' my feller man.

Said I, standin' ontop a sugar hogshead, at a primary meetin, which was bein held in SIMMINSES grocery store: Feller sitizens of the Whig party, Refoose to renominate good men for offisses, and you can pack your duds and git your carpet bags checkt for the next steamer goin up Salt River.

"Far be it from me to interfere with a feller-creature's ideas o' wot's right.

See that feller talkin' to the girl?

I never seen a feller work off fat no faster dan wot youse has, an' dat's on der dead.

"As I was a-saying, kindness to animals is all very well," he said to the wayfarer who sat opposite him in the shade of the "Cauliflower" elms; "but kindness to your feller-creeturs is more.

And for Ireland I might have two fellers fightin' with shelalays, Ury could make the shelalays if he had a pattern.

WellI may make that feller foreman one o' these days," said Silas, with a fond, foolish glance at his daughter.

Old GIPSUM then oratoricised as viz.: "Feller Fossils: This is indeed the most momentous event I've attended since I left Onondagar.

The. 'Tis no pain I suffer through disease, no beating vein Conveyes infection dangerous to the heart, No part impostum'd to be cur'd by Art, This body holds; and yet a feller grief Than ever skilfull hand did give relief Dwells on my soul, and may be heal'd by you, Fair beauteous Virgin. Clor.

* THE TIN PEDDLER Jason White has come ter town Drivin' his tin peddler's cart, Pans a-bangin' up an' down Like they'd tear theirselves apart; Kittles rattlin' underneath, Coal-hods scrapin' out a song, Makes a feller grit his teeth When old Jason comes along.

As for this feller Haines, I'll take care of him.

Thinks I to myself, I never seen anything Osh Popham couldn't mend if he took time enough and glue enough; so I carried this little feller home in a bushel basket one night last month, an' I've spent eleven evenin's puttin' him together!

I sorter like a gloomy day, Th' kind that jest won't smile; It makes a feller hump hisself T' make life seem wuth while.

I kin see the little feller jest as I seen him that morning,and a perfect little gentleman he was too.

The more noses a feller kerries in battle, the wuss for him.

One man said, I was told, that it was "jes' like havin' an apple-tree blow raound, to see that Mis' Addison; she was so kinder cheery an' pooty, an' knew sech a sight abaout nussin', it did a feller lots of good only to look at her chirpin' abaout.

"Do you mean to tell me that you were paid to waylay me and break my arm?" "I didn't mean ter tell yer anyt'ing, but a feller wot kin fight like you kin an' den stay ter see if a chap wot tried ter do him was hurtdat kind of a feller oughter be told.

Just as I hooked on to the caboose comes a feller pastin' after me.

Who, 'cause they ain't no use themselves, can't somehow seem ter bear Ter see another feller rise, but in their petty spite And natural meanness, snarl and snap and show they'd like ter bite.

"I hadn't got more'n half a mile afore I see a feller rite ahead of me, a-leadin' that identical bar, thet bed been chasin' me all day.

So they will shut booze joints like that feller McCarron runs, and even a nice place like this.

48 Words to use with  feller