58 Words to use with fer

n' dere; but I be'n hearin' de tale fer twenty-five yeahs, en I ain' got no 'casion fer ter 'spute it.

" "Wait till we get Lenore out of the way," replied Anderson "Boss, me an' Bill can answer fer thet outfit as it stands, an' no risks fer nobody," put in Jake, coolly.

"I ain't perticularly scared, boys," he explained, "and I ain't lookin' fer trouble neither.

"I ain't read a Injun story fer years.

It's as easy fer them ter be virtuous as ter eat punkin pie fer breakfast.

" The "silly-hoot" was examined with interest, and carefully stowed away again in the old brown wallet, which was settled in its place with a satisfied slap; then Flint said briskly, "Naouw, Phil, yeou close this interestin' and instructive meeting; and be spry, fer time's most up.

But blam'd ef 'ta'n't too bad fer sech as her to stay in sech a cabin!

"Say, bo, what's one of them chicks worth?" "Ain't fer sale.

it's so much fer folks ter say I look like Abe Lincoln, after all; he was dretful humbly.

So she fotch out er bottle wid some cunjuh medicine in it, en po'd some out in a go'd fer Henry ter drink.

Dressed in the warm clothes Frank's moth-er gave him, he looked like quite a dif-fer-ent boy, and was ve-ry grate-ful for her kind-ness.

"Just fer exercise?" The other, who already had started to turn away, stopped, and took a step backward toward his questioner.

Why, Moose is so kind he hates ter kill anythin'even fer food.

"It ain' fittin' fer grapes, fer noo groun' nebber is.

Tige ain't got no likin' fer greasers sence then.

" "There's that air blamed etarnal infarnal nateral born eejiot'll die in Stillwater penitensh'ry jest fer idees.

But big Moike Macnamara, him that runs the gin saloon, He wants the nomina-a-tion, so he sings a different chune; He's a-howlin' fer ixpansion, so he puts ut on the shlate Thot he challenged Dan O'Hoolihan ter have a j'int debate.

"An' shoot fer keeps!"

I bet she'd go an' ask Mis' Parmer over here to dinner if she wa'n't afraid I'd laff at her fer knucklin' down.

Den iffen it didn' do no good, Miss Margurite called fer Dr. Hunt lak she done when her own chullun got sick.

So I said to Edd: 'Let's bast him a couple just fer luck.'

When you run him off, I draw'd on him, and he'd a been a gone sucker ef't hadn' been fer yore makin' me promise t'other day to hold on tell I'd talked weth you.

Bill says they're killin' our stock fer meat.

He talks plain an' simple, an' cheers you upI guess kinda the way Lincoln talkedjest like he knew all about people's troubles an' didn't blame 'em fer mistakes, but wanted t' help 'em t' do better.

That's nice, but what seems ter me funny, and what I can't get through my head Is why he keeps writin' fer money and can't seem ter earn nary red.

58 Words to use with  fer
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