109 Words to use with figures

The task was tediously achieved, and without ostentation; and always the ship had its resplendent figure-head, as always it had its hidden, nay!

A painter of figure subjects and portraits.

He was a pupil of Paul Delaroche, and the German blood he had from his father gave him an imaginative element which the Englishman in him liberated entirely from the German prescriptive limitations, while there was just enough of the German poet in him to give his design a sentiment which was entirely lacking in the English figure painting of that day.

It has been supposed by some, that the habitual view of those models of ideal beauty, the Greek statues, with which Italy abounds, may be an indirect cause conducing to the general beauty of the sex; be that as it may, I think the fine features and beautiful forms of the Italian fair have a great influence upon the minds of young artists, and this is perhaps one of the principal reasons why Italy has so long excelled in figure painters.

Wyckoff Associates, Inc. (PWH); 28Dec61; R287962. How to construct figure charts.

Studies in figure drawing.

In 1863 she went to Dresden, and studied figure work with Professor Ehrhardt; later she moved to Düsseldorf, where she devoted herself to landscape under Flamm, and in 1866 she settled in Munich, where she has since remained, making long visits to Paris, Venice, and parts of Switzerland.

Twice he had thought to see a draped figure bending above that long, white stone, a veiled figure slender and graceful, that upon his approach, soft though it was, flitted swiftly into the dark recesses of the choir.

Oliver recognized the crap tableselongated mahogany figure eights, surrounded by players leaning over the action.

In animated narrative, however, the present tense is often substituted for the past, by the figure enallage.

TANGERMAN, ELMER J. Design and figure carving.

New bodies for old; why, where, and how to exercise for figure beauty and health.

Brawls were a sort of a figure-dance then in vogue.

"There wasn't no talkin of figure-footmen and drivin' of respectable tradesmen from folks' doors when a man was wanted, like this here.

or what associating league to the imagination can there be between the seers, and the seers not, of a presential miracle? Were an artist to paint upon demand a picture of a Dryad, we will ask whether, in the present low state of expectation, the patron would not, or ought not to be fully satisfied with a beautiful naked figure recumbent under wide-stretched oaks?

hopelessAnd watching, I saw one figure stoop and lift the prostrate man.

I, watching from my sand dune, saw a second figure emerge from the arroyo's mouth.

Thus it happened that the figure representative of Mordecai's longing was mentally seen darkened by the excess of light in the aerial background.

Of the Nominative and Verb; to which the accusative before an infinitive, and the collective noun with a plural verb, are reckoned exceptions; while the agreement of a verb or pronoun with two or more nouns, is referred to the figure syllepsis.

Some time afterwards the nurse returned and started when she saw the white figure kneeling by the bed.

Explain to them that they cannot put underneath two figure ones which mean 11, but they must put 1 under the 8, and carry 1 to the 4, when you must place one ball under the four, and, asking them what that makes, they will say, Five.

What do you think about the book, Letty?" said she, turning her lithe figure round in the great chair toward the little Quakeress, whose pretty red head and apple-blossom of a face bloomed out of her gray attire and prim collar with a certain fascinating contrast.

Mrs. Loop is essentially a portrait painter, but occasionally has painted figure pictures, such as "Baby Belle," "A Little Runaway," "A Bouquet for Mama," etc.

In the circle of the binoculars he saw a tiny, distant figure dismount from a black horse and walk back and forth across the road directly below the Notch.

Anon a figure enters, quaintly neat, All pride and business, bustle and conceit; With looks unalter'd by these scenes of woe, With speed that, ent'ring, speaks his haste to go.

109 Words to use with  figures