38 Words to use with fourth

In some cases smaller amounts are called for than can be purchased, as one-half can, or one-fourth cup, in case supplies on hand are adequate without purchasing more than required.

Sal soda, one-fourth pound, or four (4) heaping spoonfuls.

He said that he first mingled one-fourth cotton seed with three-fourths corn, on which they seemed to thrive tolerably well; that he then had measured out to them equal quantities of each, which did not seem to produce any important change; afterwards he increased the quantity of cotton seed to three-fourths, mingled with one-fourth corn, and then he declared, with an oath, that 'they died like rotten sheep!!'

The man earns daily one real, and the woman, if she weaves coarse stuff, one-fourth real, and her food (thus a piece of guinára, occupying the labor of two days, costs half a real in weavers' wages).

The cross word puzzle book, fifth-fourth series; a fifty-fourth anthology of fifty-five new cross word puzzles.

In the House of Grey One Twentieth Chapter: A Chemistry of Scandal Twenty-first Chapter: The Singing Distances Twenty-second Chapter: Beth Signs the Picture Twenty-third Chapter: The Last Ride Together Twenty-fourth Chapter: A Parable of Two Horses III.

Article 7, Section 6, by the Committee of Eleven reported to be struck out (see the twenty-fourth inst.) being now taken up, Mr. PINCKNEY moved to postpone the Report, in favor of the following proposition: "That no act of the Legislature for the purpose of regulating the Commerce of the United States with foreign powers, among the several States, shall be passed without the assent of two-thirds of the members of each House."

Water, 4 ounces, or one-fourth pint, or 8 spoonfuls.

; Mr. Miller receiving as surety, during the time the purchase money remained unpaid, the copyright of "Domestic Cookery," of the Quarterly Review, and the one-fourth share in "Marmion."

The Colorado statute for a three-fourths verdict is held unconstitutional.

The President was seeking permanency by insuring, through the threat or pressure of international force, a condition of changelessness in boundaries and sovereign rights, subject, nevertheless, to territorial changes based either on the principle of "self-determination" or on a three-fourths vote of the Body of Delegates.

" What men know they must endure, they fear; what they think they can escape, they despise: their calculation of three-fourths escaping is very near the truth.

FOR THREE OR SIX MONTHS' SUBSCRIPTIONS add five cents to one-fourth or one-half of our wholesale price.

This shell, which was brought up by the deep sea sounding-lead, being only one-sixth of an inch long, and one-fourth high, is the smallest species of the genus.

It is considered more nutritive than any other esculent tuber except the potato, but the time required for its digestion exceeds that of most vegetables, being three and three fourths hours.

We will now sing the fifty-fourth hymn.

FRITTER BEANS Beat one egg until light, add three-fourths teaspoon of salt, one-half cup of flour and two tablespoons of water.

A right of appeal to the dux existed for the exercitalis who was oppressed by the gastald, as shown by the twenty-fourth law of Rhotaris, which says: "Si Gastaldius exercitalem suum contra rationem molestaverit, Dux eum soletur."

"We shook hands, and his grip was three fourths man, I'll tell the world.

Now, what concerns you in this confession, firstly, is this: As senior member and three-fourths owner in the firm of Denton, Day & Co., I am about to assume the responsibility of its business, and to introduce new methods in its various systems which I have every reason to believe will not meet with your approval.

It does not appear that Mr. Walmsley's recommendation of him to Colson, whom he has described under the character of Gelidus, in the twenty-fourth paper of the Rambler, was of much use.

We could see this mountain chain as far as the eighty-fourth parallel, where it disappeared below the horizon.

Aunt Carter rolled up her twenty-fourth twin of a stocking, and, hastily declaring that "she'd always noticed that 't was better to visit people when they was alone," she made all possible effort to escape before Saul came in.

When much of the southern ice cap had melted, it filled the Red Sea with water up to about three-fourths capacity, making the region a delightful place for quiet living.

Take one and one-half cups of flour, a pinch of salt sifted into a deep bowl, one cup of lukewarm milk and three-fourths cake of compressed yeast which has been, dissolved in a little warm water and sugar.

38 Words to use with  fourth