45 Words to use with frogs

Many a time has he been goaded to frenzy by the cruel sneers and jokes of those who should have been proud of his talents; and rushed with wild-eyed eagerness down to the gentle frog pond, intending there to bury his sorrows beneath its glassy surface.

We have just referred to contraction of the heels as taking the place of a normal expansion in those cases where ground frog-pressure was absent.

1, Horny laminæ covering internal face of wall; 2, superior border of wall; 3, junction of wall with horny sole; 4, the cutigeral groove; 5, the horny sole; 6, the horny frog (that portion of it known as the 'frog-stay'); 7, inverted V-shaped ridge on wall and sole (known as the 'toe-stay'); 8, anterior face of wall; 9, inferior border of wall.

He took the stool in leap-frog fashion, and struck a droll simultaneous discord.

"Because," replied the little frog boy, "my brother, Bawly, has just made up a new song, and I know he'll give us no peace until he sings it.

I clear the fields of mice and other gnawers, besides spiders, grasshoppers, and snails; while as a frog-lover, I am a veritable Frenchman.

'Is anything too hard for the Lord?' If any man here says that anything is too hard for the Lord, let him go this day to the nearest standing pool, and look at the frog-spawn therein, and consider it till he confesses his blindness and foolishness.

I wonder why those frog eaters don't make their houses snug and decent instead of big as a church.

If you stay with me a spell we'll get more'n one mess o' frog legs, if yuh likes them.

With ointments compounded of dead men's flesh she could transform a lover into a beaver, or an innkeeper into a frog swimming in his own vat of wine and with doleful croak inviting his former customers to drink; or herself, with the aid of a little shaking, she could convert into a feathered owl uttering a queasy note as it flitted out of the window.

Made in the image"a hoarse frog croaks from the pool "Hark! 'twas some god, voicing his glorious thought In thunder music!

Ho, Frog-eye Fearsome, seize on him and drag him into your darkest dungeon!"

One side's about as sharp as t'other, an' a feller couldn't commit suicide, if he tried to, with this frog-sticker.

With restoration, so far as is possible, of the frog functions, and with careful dressing, a cure is nearly always obtained.

The frog, again, supplies names, such as frog's-lettuce, frog's-foot, frog-grass, and frog-cheese; while hedgehog gives us such names as hedgehog-parsley and hedgehog-grass.

Upper parts frog green, with a rusty-yellow streak between two black lines on the crown.

I also presented to him a knife, which pleased him exceedingly, making him a belt, with a frog hanging thereto, like those in which we wear hangers in England; and, instead of a hanger to put in the frog, I gave him a hatchet, which was not only as good, but even a better weapon upon many occasions.

The senses, the best philosophers, teach us that matter is never without form and motion; and whether all matter is sentient or not, certainly all that is sentient is material, and every part of the organism contains a vital principle (the heart of a frog beats for an hour after its removal from the body; the parts of cut-up polyps grow into perfect animals).

True to his promise the would-be frog hunter set out valiantly on his errand, urged by his love for a dainty dish.

Pretty soon he saw a frog jumping along, and every time it jumped it would say, "Ni'-nah O-kyai'-yu!"

The foot predisposed to navicular disease is the strong, round, short-toed or clubby foot, open at the heels, with a sound frog jutting prominently out between them.

Indeed, the whole of nature was uncertain, especially if disaster impended, and sometimes a chicken would be born without the formality of an egg, or a bottomless abyss spurted with gore under the dining-room table, or the wine began to boil in the bottles, or a green frog leapt out of the sheepdog's mouth.

"Why, I'm fairly counting on depopulating that big frog marsh while we're hanging around this section.

The use of bar shoes, ordinary frog pads, or heelless shoes and bar pads, are especially indicated, together with abundant exercise.

Tom stretched himself over to get a view of the fish, when a vigorous shove from the rear sent him like a great frog plump towards the bottom of the pool.

45 Words to use with  frogs