54 Words to use with furnitures

Heroes have sprung up from all ranks and all callingsfrom drapers' shops and furniture vans, from stools in the city and looms in Lancashire, from Durham pits and bishops' palaces.

Here are the commercial inns, the post-office, the furniture-dealers, the ironmongers, and all the heavy and homely establishments that connect themselves even with the airiest modes of human life; while upward from the river, by a long and gentle ascent, rises the principal street, which is very bright and cheerful in its physiognomy, and adorned with shop-fronts almost as splendid as those of London, though on a diminutive scale.

The furniture designs of Chippendale, Hepplewhite and Sheraton.

The furniture industry uses hardwoods of superior grade and quality.

I felt sorrier and sorrier for her, though, as she went on down Cambridge Street, past all those liquor and provision and second-hand furniture shops, with the tenements over them, and I was so thankful for her when she turned out of all this, and we crossed over and went into a quiet old street, and came out upon the pretty grounds of the Massachusetts Hospital; and as soon as I saw these grounds, I said, 'Oh, how pretty!'

"It is as glossy as a chestnut in its native setting, and you can buy furniture polish from the prophet Brownhill which will keep it always so.

" A big cannery had been built down near the river, where truck gardens flourished, and there was a new furniture factory at the edge of the freight yards.

Furniture treasury (mostly of American origin) Vol.1-2. © 5Nov28; A3524.

"You can't tell with a face like that," said the furniture-remover.

The little parlor, indeed, had been filled until it put one in mind of a small furniture-store, with not room enough to show the stock on hand; and some of the other parts of the house required knowledge and care to walk about in them.

The rent and the furniture installments came due regularly, just as we had expected.

Construction of American furniture treasures.

"What an outlandish part of the town we are getting to," observed Lord Bearwarden, after several minutes' silence; "your furniture-man seems to live at the other end of the world.

Antiques furniture handbook.

Society has taken up Sylvia and rejected Georgiana; and so with its great gallantry, and to her boundless delight, Sylvia was invited to sit with a bevy of girls in a large furniture wagon covered with flags and bunting.

The veneer industry provides furniture manufacturers, musical instrument factories, box makers and the automobile industry with high-grade material.

You will pass a few restaurants, a few auction-rooms, a few furniture warehouses, and will hardly realize that you have left behind you the activity and clatter of a city of merchants before you find yourself in a region of architectural decrepitude, where an ancient and foreign-seeming domestic life, in second stories, overhangs the ruins of a former commercial prosperity, and upon every thing has settled down a long sabbath of decay.

" "But I can't open the shades, the sun would fade all the furniture coverings.

Also there was a formidable pile of bills upon the table by him,from contractors and upholsterers and furniture-houses, and so on, who had been concerned in the late renovation of Matocton,the heralds of a host he hardly saw his way to dealing with.

Forty years have been wasted, but we are beginning to wake up now, and twenty years more will see the Indians of Kalitan's generation industrious men and women, not only clever hunters and fishermen, but lumbermen, coopers, furniture makers, farmers, miners, and stock-raisers.

The beds, also, were of an ancient and solid school of furniture making.

He therefore gave up his situation as foreman in a large furniture manufactory in London, sold off all his household goods, and only adding somewhat to the family stock of clothes, which are cheaper in England than any where else, he left his native country for the strangers' land, with but a hundred pounds in his pocket; but with a stout heart, a willing hand, and a firm reliance on the never-failing protection of Divine Providence.

True, the coming of a thought into the consciousness is often unexpected, but if the thought were not latent in the mind, it would not arise out of the mind; and if Father Peter knew the base thoughts he indulged inyes, indulged in, for he could not put them quite out of his mindhe feared very much that the gift of all this furniture mightNo, he was judging Father Peter ill: Father Peter was incapable of a mean regret.

That's why I said in the beginning, if we had took that hundred and ninety furniture money and staked it on" "Jimmie, pleaseplease!

I had the furniture mother left me, and a small income from her estate.

54 Words to use with  furnitures