11 Words to use with g

(In G-men, Sept. 1938)

(In G-E circle bulletin.


"R-r-r-i-g-h-t D-r-r-e-s-s!" Heads whirled to the right as though turned by a single screw, and bent-up left elbows pressed stiffly into neighboring ribs.

We'd rather have it kinda rough now and then to be free and independent" "I've g-got a b-bunny, a-and it f-fell in the g-grease box a-and we c-can't wash it off, a-and h-he's asleep now.

g families and friends of sorely needed money, and the direct and indirect consequences are sometimes small and sometimes very great.

G level of sea in a mean state.

So I jumped off onto the float and grabbed the canoe, and g-o-o-d night!

" She ran down a most contented little trip, with repeats and returns, in a G-octave, for the last line.

"One wonders," he wrote later, "if to be wholly Indian one has to chew 'paan' and spit it all around, or replace T-shirts or G-shorts with kurta-pajama or safari suit.

To bid is originally to pray, as in this Saxon fragment: [Anglo-Saxon: He is wis thaet bit g bote,] &c. He is wise that prays and makes amends.

11 Words to use with  g