172 Words to use with games

GROUSE.Under this general term are included several species of game birds, called black, red, woodland, and white grouse.

We there saw two game-cocks, which, so far from fighting, (though they had been selected from the most approved breed,) billed and cooed like turtle-doves.

Bishops, sheriffs, and game-keepers, the only enemies he ever had, have relinquished their ancient grudges, and Englishmen would be almost as loath to surrender his exploits as any part of the national glory.

"And how would'st do it, Beltane?" "Make an end of the game laws, Benedictthrow wide the forests to all who will" "But master, thus shall every clapper-claw rogue be free to kill for his base sport thy goodly deer, or belike a hart of ten, fit for sport of kings" "Well, let them in this thing be kings.

Major Pitcher intends during the coming winter to feed them alfalfafor game animals of several kinds have become so plentiful in the neighborhood of the Hot Springs, and the Major has grown so interested in them, that he wishes to do something toward feeding them during the severe winter.

The Club has for some time given much thoughtful attention to the subject of game refugesthat is to say, areas where game shall be absolutely free from interference or molestation, as it is to-day in the Yellowstone Parkto be situated within the forest reserves; and as is elsewhere shown, it has investigated a number of the forest reserves in order to learn something of their suitability for game refuges.

The youngest one took them and put them into his game-bag, and then he added, "Wait near the city till I come back.

Marcos had, in the course of his long antagonism against wolf or bear or boar in the Central Pyrenees, more than once experienced that sharp shock of astonishment and fear to which the big-game hunter can scarcely remain indifferent when he finds himself opposed by an unmistakable sign of an intelligence equal to his own or an instinct superior to it, subtly meeting his subtle attack.

The black bass of the St. Lawrence are not only game fish, but are, in excellence of flavor, scarcely excelled by any fish of this country.

In all directions deep game trails, traveled by the moose for many years, wound through the forest.

Why should any one take the trouble to "bother" Obed Grimes, unless, indeed, he had been doing something that he hadn't ought to, and hence expected to be visited sooner or later by emissaries of the law, possibly in the shape of angry game wardens?

Dick, who might have stood by me, and made things less unbearable, was away on a two years' tour for big game shooting; I had no one to confide in, no one to help me.

The year 1896 was no doubt rather a failure as regards the may-fly; but as I glance over the pages of the game-book in which I record as far as possible every fish that is killed, I cannot help thinking that sport has been very wonderful, take it all round, during six out of seven seasons.

At the present time Shuyak is rich in bear and in land otter, and I can imagine no better place for a national game preserve.

But big game hunting, except a man hunts for a living, as do the elephant poachers in Mozambique or the Lado Enclave, soon loses its savour to white men after a time.

Gave that game leg another little knock in falling; but then, I might have broken my neck, so I'm thankful." "The Beverly luck again!" chuckled Jack, at which the intrepid flier nodded with kindling eyes.

My patience was by this time nearly exhausted, for the continual rain was very depressing, and detracted much from the pleasure of being in such a grand game country.

Big game fishing in New Zealand seas.

Treasure bag of game songs.

Are you a dead-game sport, little mother, and not going to make a fuss" "Idon't know.

The Way to gain abundance; with an explanation of game cycles.

Naturally a man in this attitude will see many traits of animal life which are hidden from the game-killer as well as from the scientific collector of skins.

"Well, of all the game fights!" muttered the marine.

of knuckle of veal, poultry trimmings (if for game pies, any game trimmings), 2 onions stuck with cloves, 2 carrots, 4 shalots, a bunch of savoury herbs, 2 bay-leaves; when liked, 2 blades of mace and a little spice; 2 slices of lean ham, rather more than 2 quarts of water.

To this height, midway between the meadows in the valley and the first shale and bare rock of the peaks, he came most frequently on his small game hunts.

172 Words to use with  games