21 Words to use with guitars

CO. Cole's Spanish guitar method book no.1.

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Fear of his mother was the only thing that had kept him from frequenting Cupido's shopthe rendezvous of the city's gayest set, a hotbed of gossip and practical jokes, a school of guitar playing and love songs that kept the whole neighborhood astir.

COLE, MORRIS M. 5-minute guaranteed guitar course.

Well, guitar player, when will you marry me? GÚSLIN.

Pauoa liko lehua; piano with ukelele and guitar accompaniment.

I thought about starting to learn the guitar but my parents advised against starting guitar lessons immediately as I had plans to travel out of Goa in the coming months.

There was an irregular trembling of the boat as the anchor struggled along the bottom of the canal; then there was a great shock; the boat ran into the bank and stopped; the tow-line was tightened like a guitar-string, and the horse, jerked back with great violence, came tumbling in a heap upon the ground.

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A musician arrived carrying a guitar case and a battery powered amp.

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Plectrum guitar folio.

These songs are usually accompanied by the music of a stringed instrument of the guitar kind made by the musician himself, to which is added the "güiro," a kind of ribbed gourd which is scraped with a small stick to the measure of the tune, and produces a noise very trying to the nerves of a person not accustomed to it.

there's no use putting in my guitar-music.

No guitar business!

The twang of a guitar quivering starward made medley with Jag Ear's bells.

He bought a mile on the great Vlaic and lives there all alone, shooting, fishing, playing the guitar o' moony nights, which they say sets the wild-cats wilder.

21 Words to use with  guitars