51 Words to use with h

'Mother,' Archie began in a low, solemn voice, rather slowly, 'the golden quoribus is the most horrible animal, the most awful-looking animal, you ever heard of in your life!' 'Oh-h-h!

"H-m," said Grady, as he glanced it over.


SEE KIMMEL, LEWIS H. MARQUAND, JOHN P. Iwo Jima before H-hour.

As a widow, grass-green, crepe-black, or only prospective"he suddenly assumed a posture made familiar through the public prints by a widely self-exploited savior of the suffering"there is H-O-P-E!"

"I only want to know what the h-ll this building is.

"Ahem, ahem, a-h-hem!" coughed the silversmith, hearing steps in the street.

We remember that Ella in describing the gallery of old family portraits, in the essay, "Blakesmoor in H-shire," dwells upon "that beauty with the cool, blue, pastoral drapery, and a lamb, that hung next the great bay window, with the bright yellow Hertfordshire hair, so like my Alice.


T-h-u-d!" Six hundred pounds of iron dropped from a height of twenty-five feet on the small of the back of an elephant would finish him.

H B could not have better caricatured the three Shereefian Sultans.

"H-whe shake its dust from our feet!" said Agricola, gathering some young retainers by a sweep of his glance and going out down the stair in the arched way, unmoved by the fragrance of warm bread.

I th-th-thank you h-heartily.

"All of you know I've been a g-g-great h-h-hand to make m-m-machinery take the place of h-h-hand power.

Let me put my hands on your h-heads.

By Arna Bontemps, illustrated by h photos.

A photograph of a Cygni, taken November, 26, 1886, shows that the H line is double, its two components having a difference in wave length of about one ten-millionth of a millimeter.

Under the 4-H flag.

Nor h-hishis uncle?...

Not dat he h-use de money, but it is dat name w'at 'e give de h-establishmen'Grandissime Frères!

"Wonder where the Ramblin' Kid is" "S-h-hh!

Dynamo Farm; a 4-H story, by Adam Allen, pseud. of Samuel & Beryl Epstein.

Said Raoul, with an unsteady utterance, as he slammed the drawer: "H-h-dat makes me dat I can't 'elp to laugh w'en

h trenches and only two miles to Neuve Chapelle; and even as we stood there, from behind us, from a battery we had passed without seeing, came a crash and then the long spinning roar of something milling down aisles of air, and a far-off detonation from the direction of Neuve Chapelle.

The Bladder Ketmia, H trionum, is a dwarf species, yellow, with a brown spot at the base of the petal.

51 Words to use with  h
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