85 Words to use with hays

Mining-towns, most of them dead, and a few living ones with bright bits of cultivation about them, occur at long intervals along the belt, and cottages covered with climbing roses, in the midst of orange and peach orchards, and sweet-scented hay-fields in fertile flats where water for irrigation may be had.

This rock, which is always dark and bare, is, as you will remember, of conical shape, sharp pointed at the top, and stands up about the size of a small hay-stack, in the midst of the waters.

During the hay harvest, other insects named Meggar, occasion great injury both to men and beasts.

Before the time of hay-making came, it was very much talked of.

He's even got one of the oxen harnessed to a hay cart.

All this had passed and the time of fall had come, bringing with it its own pleasures and joyousness; for now, when the harvest was gathered home, merry bands of gleaners roamed the country about, singing along the roads in the daytime, and sleeping beneath the hedgerows and the hay-ricks at night.

Milton and his wife had gone into town many hours before, but he found what he wanted, and was going back to the hay-mow to finish his sleep, just as Billy Adams was going home after having cast his vote.

"We were hardly two kilometres out of Lindau when we were stopped by a barricade of hay-wagons.

In an hour we had everybody out, and made beds for them by spreading out hay cocks, and nobody seemed to be hurt so very much.

In the language of the "Richmond Examiner," "the possession of the lead, copper, and salt mines, and the pork, corn, and hay-crop of these countries, Eastern Tennessee and Western Virginia, is now vital to the existence of the Confederacy.

" Faster than he had ever talked before Andy told of the conversation he had overheard in the old hay barn.

Yes: a hay fever occurs to me regularly once a year.

"I'll have the dog, yet," he said,"only let me get at him with the knife!" He had just succeeded in extricating his imprisoned leg, and was ready to spring to his feet, when he was caught firmly by the throat, and, looking up, saw a clumsy barbed weapon, commonly known as a hay-fork, within an inch of his breast.

Lambing time, calving time, cross-ploughing and harrowing, washing and shearing time, time for hoeing; hay time and harvest.

We were last night at the masked ball in the Hay-market.

"If you was to try an' 'andle it more as if it was a pitchfork now, Mr. Belloo, sir" suggested Adam, and, not waiting for Bellew's laughing rejoinder, he chirrupped to the horses, and the great waggon creaked away with its mountainous load, surmounted by Adam's grinning visage, and Small Porges' golden curls, and followed by the rest of the merry-voiced hay-makers.

He jumped down from the hay bales and dashed out of the barn.

Hay dieting; menus and receipts for all occasions, by Josephine Boyer & Katherine Cowdin.

HARRY S. FURBUR, JR. Syllabus. ~As Usual.~ Oh, the gay and festive Freshman has appeared upon the scene, 'Tis not the monster jealousy that makes him look so green, 'Tis not the fumes of rum that give his nose that ruddy glare, But the boy has caught hay-fever from the hay-seed in his hair.

He handed me the parts of my hay-rake without a word.

Mr. Shouldice worked all day at his hay-meadow, just to show them!

A hay-rack placed within easy reach of the horse, of wood or iron, occupies either a corner or the whole breadth of the stall, which should be about six feet for on ordinary-sized horse.

Swathed father in a hay-rope.

He found everything as it should be, save that the door to the empty hay shed had been blown open by the wind.

It was, indeed, a most ludicrous-looking affair; Joseph with a face (if such it might be called) of purple flowers and a flaxen wig, dressed in a coarse pilgrim's cape studded over with yellow flowers, was leading by a hay band a green donkey, made of a kind of heath grass, with a tail of lavender and hoofs of cabbage leaves.

85 Words to use with  hays