14 Words to use with hearings

Now, just as the sun cannot shed its light but to the eye that sees it, nor music sound but to the hearing ear, so the value of all masterly work in art and science is conditioned by the kinship and capacity of the mind to which it speaks.

The five-barred gate was within easy hearing distance of the house, and both doors and windows of the office were open.

His sight was growing dim even, and his hearing duller every day; he was sure of it.

Anything which does violence to the sense of hearing exasperates, but does not disgust.

Vehemence is not an indication of excellence, and people may be good without either giving way to solemn war-whoops or damaging the hearing faculties of their neighbours.

If you argue that the ears are intended to catch sounds and direct them down to the hearing instrument, then explain their absurd shape.

Long ago he had given her to understand that he could not part with her as one of his congregationcould not therefore take her into his sermon before he met her in her hearing phase in church, with the rows of pews and faces betwixt him and her, making her once more one of his flock, the same into whose heart he had so often agonized to pour the words of rousing, of strength, of consolation.

Dr. Johnson said, 'The same arguments which are used against GOD'S hearing prayer, will serve against his rewarding good, and punishing evil.

The Nightingale thus in my hearing spake: Good Cuckoo, seek some other bush or brake, And, prithee, let us that can sing dwell here; For every wight eschews thy song to hear, Such uncouth singing verily dost thou make.

You are entitled to a hearing state your objection, sir.

She tried to teach him to read, and she did get him through the alphabet, but he greatly preferred hearing stories read to learning to do it for himself, and was especially fond of the Arabian Nights, which he quite believed.

"In hearing causes, I am like other men," said the Master.

If it hadn't been for my hearing thingsvoices talking, and all thatI guess I would have gone clear batty.

whyI know I've heard things told to me that ha' made me feel as a priest hearing confession must.

14 Words to use with  hearings